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Day trip to Kingston


I am a foodie from New York City taking my first trip to Kingston, Ontario in nine days.
There is very little info online- even on this site.
Please give me the recommendations for the best of the best.
I will be solo.
No shellfish.

The food is all the matters- not price, not service, not decor. Fancy is okay and take out is okay.

I plan to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and if there is any famous regional item or something that Kingston does better than anywhere else, I would love to know about it.

Ideally, I would eat "Canadian" meals or even local Ontario dishes but I have been told many times that there is no such thing as Canadian food. Is this true?

Just tell me whatever you personally think is the best in the city including foodie markets or other things that might interest me.



PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS FOR NEXT WEEKEND. I corrected my post after seeing my new work schedule.

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  1. Atomica for pizza. Best I've ever had. Definitely try the mushroom bruschetta.


    71 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L1R8, CA

    1. Try Luke's. He's not so young any more but he was about 17 when he took over his parents resto. It may be a little odd in that it isn't a busy place but it is totally worth the visit.


      Bubba's has good poutine if that's your thing. For good pizza Wooden Heads is the place to go. If you want to try a local beer the check out the Brew Pub where they brew onsite. Pan Chancho is a great bakery/cafe where you you can get a really lovely breakfast or lunch.

      Wooden Heads
      192 Ontario St, Kingston, ON K7L2Y8, CA

      1. Kingston is supposed to be the go-to place for Cambodian food in Ontario.

          1. The Wok-in on Montreal St.
            Le Chien Noir
            Cook's Fine Foods for foodie gifts and coffee to take home
            Pan Chancho is definitely a can't miss!

            Chien Noir
            69 Brock St, Kingston, ON K7L1R8, CA

            1. Whenever people are dropping by Kingston, I always recommend them to eat at a Cambodian place. Strangely, this city has a very large Cambodian population and many great Cambodian restaurants. Though I have lived/live in Toronto and Montreal, never have I found more than one, if any, Cambodian restaurant in these cities and in Kingston these restaurants are just awesome.

              My favourite is Phnom Penh at King St., just south of Princess street in downtown Kingston, not too far from the waters. The prices are cheap, maybe about $8-9 a main, and my favourites are the Golden Chicken and Tofu Pineapple. The decor is nothing to write home about, but for the quality, portion, and price, I always say that eating Cambodian is a must.

              I wouldn't say that Kingston has any particular local dishes but there are a few very good restaurants in this city, which is funny considering how small the city can be. When I lived in Kingston I also liked Chez Piggy (the sister restaurant to the bakery/cafe Pan Chancho) which has a beautiful interior courtyard and is housed in a renovated grey stone farm house. Their shrimp appetizer served in a sizzling fry pan was always amazing. I haven't eaten there in years (though I ate at Phnom Penh two months ago) but I would still think Chez Piggy is a destination worth going to.

              Bonne voyage!

              Chez Piggy Restaurant
              68R Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1A5, CA

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              1. re: looosia

                I am not a fan of Chez Piggy. I think the only thing that makes it worthwhile is the Patio (which is very charming). I mean it is not bad, it is just not that good.

                Chez Piggy Restaurant
                68R Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1A5, CA

                1. re: looosia

                  I had lunch a Chez Piggy and thought it was great. We had the burger, it was a thick, well seasoned patty cooked to medium, with aged cheddar, thick cut bacon, and a healthy slather of guacamole on a great ciabatta. Each element was really high quality, and although it was expensive (probably around $17, if I recall), it was definitely worth it. The courtyard is very cute and I would recommend it.

                  Chez Piggy Restaurant
                  68R Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1A5, CA

                2. The Royal Angkor is the best of Kingston's Cambodian restaurants.

                  Chef Clark Day's contracted Aquaterra in the Radison changed my opinion that hotel restaurants are generally quite forgettable. With thoroughly professional service, a pleasant waterfront view, and competently prepared contemporary cuisine, plus the complimentary inside parking, you can't do better anywhere else. The three course $16 lunch is a bargain. Dinner is more adventuresome, but of course it costs a lot more. Seafood is a particular strength.

                  1 Johnson St, Kingston, ON K7L, CA

                  Royal Angkor Restaurant
                  523 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1C6, CA

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                    I went to Royal Angkor and ordered something called "Kako Khmer". I choose this because I had never heard of it before and it seemed to be more Cambodian than Thai.
                    When it came I was surprised. There was a pile of shredded chicken breast and rice and vegetables under a thick yellowish sauce that did NOT look appetizing.
                    I went ahead and took a tentative bite.

                    It was PHENOMENAL- well cooked, good texture, distinct flavors, perfect portion size. I definitely recommend it- do not get put off by the appearance.

                    The restaurant is family owned and run. The non-Cambodian waitress is a relative by marriage. Service was fine. The decor was casual. Clean. Good location. Cheap.

                    Royal Angkor Restaurant
                    523 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1C6, CA

                  2. If you've got a car, it's worth a short drive west of Kingston to the Wilton Cheese Factory. Great Ontario cheddar and killer cheese curds available fresh daily. The village of Wilton is literally just a wide spot in the road. Pretty countryside.

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                      And Wilton Pottery is just next door!

                    2. When coming to Kingston, I think the CURRY ORIGINAL is a MUST, its right downtown http://www.curryoriginal.ca/ and is included on the "Where to eat in Canada" list. Prices are reasonable, the location is great, and the food is really, really good. Their cookbook is being launched next week, too...definitely don't miss this one..
                      Try the Dong Nai for Vietamese, too, on Princess Street http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/242/14634...
                      Prices are amazing and I enjoyed the food. Ambiance, not so much, functional inside, but the food is definitely worth it.
                      Sapporo in the West End is Kingston's only Teppanyaki Restaurant, and the sushi is pretty good too. http://www.restaurantica.com/on/kings...
                      Hope this helps!

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                      1. re: freia

                        Oh Freia you had me until Sapporo. Truly terrible sushi IMO.

                        1. re: JennaBean

                          LOLLOLLOL, I think its a bit better...thing with Sapporo is that it is a Korean owned sushi place, which is pretty much the standard here in Kingston, so their techniques and so on are a bit different from those accustomed to Japanese sushi. The rolls tend to be "looser" than the tightly rolled Japanese ones, and some of the flavor combos are a bit different. With respect to price and what you get, it is pretty reasonable and on Yelp and so on, tends to get really good reviews, too. I do like my Teppanyaki, and this is the only place in town that does this.
                          For some reason, Kingston has become the king of burger bars and sushi joints, there are at least 6 sushi places in the downtown core alone! LOLLOLLOL.so sometimes it really is "hit and miss" especially since the bulk of the shops are either Korean owned or Chinese owned, which means that authentic Japanese sushi is hard to come by.
                          BUT...there are also really good reviews out there for Akira, which is on John Counter and Sir John A MacDonald in a strip mall, really out of the way, but many swear that this is THE best sushi in Kingston although the service there is very, very, slow on the order of being glacial.
                          All the other sushi places other than the two above (Sapporo for the Teppanyaki and Akira for the sushi) tend to be kind of non-descript, good, but generic...
                          I personally, on a food adventure to Kingston, might honestly just give the sushi a pass here in town because really it isn't so spectacular as to go out of my way for it, but if you do have the craving for Teppanyaki, Sapporo's the place.