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Sep 8, 2011 03:10 AM

Paris - Nice lunch under 20 euros (with a few other criteria making the search difficult)


My good friend really wants an afternoon tea instead of a bachelorette party and I have been tasked with organizing it for this Saturday (short notice). We (4 girls) will be going to Meurice for the tea at 3:30 pm this Saturday; however our day starts at 9:30 am to meet up for her fitting for her wedding dress. So, I would also like to find a nice place to have a light lunch since there is a bit of a gap before tea. As we will be a bit dressed up I don't want to walk that far and if at all possible I would like to avoid the metro.

So that leads to the additional criteria in my search. In addition to good food I would like:

1. The restaurant to have a nice (pretty, lux, intimate, etc.) atmosphere. Does not have to be all of that, but one or more would be nice. Just something not bar like or too casual

2. The location to be near Concorde, Louvre, Tuilleries, Madeleine or thereabouts. We are meeting at Concorde for her fitting and having tea at Meurice. Since we will be dressed up and avoiding the metro I would like something not too far away, but if it meets all other requirements, I can budge on this one.

3. This one should probably be further up. We are all unemployed students in Paris (i.e. not much money). Since we are already doing tea I would really like to keep the lunch budget under 20 euros per person not including wine. Also, we won’t be taking dessert.

Thanks so much for reading this and all comments are appreciated. I have been searching and can't seem to find anything that meets all of my criteria. If such a place exists in Paris, I figured this was the best place to ask.
Kind Regards

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  1. Foujita is your location and your budget and has good sushi, but it does not have much of a "nice (pretty, lux, intimate, etc.) atmosphere". And of course it is not French.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Thank you for the suggestion. My friend getting married is Japanese and I am a bit hesitant to take her to a Japanese restaurant as she is understandably quite picky about the quality. It doesn't have to be french. We are all quite open about different types of food. If you have any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you could comment on some of the ones that I have found:
      Chez Claud
      Le Saut de Loup
      Le Cafe Marly (still looking for pricing)
      Once again thanks for the response.

      1. re: nendae

        Chez Claud
        Le Saut de Loup"

        Have not been. Have not heard of.

        "Le Cafe Marly (still looking for pricing)"

        Nice interior, esp if you can reserve in the room that gives onto the interior of the Louvre.
        Food not very good and not particularly cheap.

        Have you searched the board's recommendations. Also try the website "Paris By Mouth" where you can search restaurant reviews by the arrondissement. But please don't take this wrong: Paris By Mouth, like Chowhound, focuses on good food, not necessarily cheap food. As much as I sympathize with you and wish you a great lunch party, a good lunch place near Concorde at 20 euro per person does not grow on trees. :-)

        1. re: nendae

          Can't vouch for the food, but I've always wanted to try out A Priori The just to enjoy the sitting under the covered walkway of Gallerie Vivienne. Think the setting and prices would work for you.

      2. Easy - right near where you will be, on Rue Mont Thabor, le Souffle, 25E lunch menu, very nice for lunch, intimate dining room, good price. Mont Thabor is one street over, parallell to Rue Rivoli.

        1. Assuming that you would want only one course as Tea is to follow; you might want to check out Mini Palais. In the area you wanted and the terrace is lovely in decent weather. Menu's, prices and photo's online.

          1. Bistrot Volnay. Very much in the necessary neighborhood,non touristy,delicious! And I believe the price right..