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Sep 7, 2011 11:57 PM

Casual and fun restaurant this Sunday in Paris for group of 14 for pre-wedding dinner - help! :)

This is for my pre-wedding dinner (wedding on Monday night) looking for a casual and easygoing atmosphere. Budget is moderate, say 30 euros pp (excluding wines). People are visiting from overseas all over Paris so centrally located (1st, 8th, 6th, Marais) would be good.

I understand the majority of restaurants are not open on Sundays and it's only large bistro types that are open. I'm thinking something like one of the Flo bistros but the reviews I read are pretty terrible. Not looking for anything fancy, just somewhere that does the french bistro classics well with a nice and fun atmosphere. We are doing lunch at Les Papilles day after wedding so something a bit different to that
would be cool

Also, somewhere where i'll be able to reserve 14 places would be good - doesn't have to be a single table, two big tables would be fine or a place that is open to pushing tables together.

Any help appreciated on such short notice!

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  1. First of all, congratulations.
    (1) At such short notice, (2) on sunday, (3) in the limited few high-rent arrondissements, (4) wanting French bistro classics, you are pretty much stuck with Flo type terrible food, and must revise your budget a bit upward for the terrible food. Btw, Flo is a brasserie, not a bistro.There are other brasseries that are less bad (note: I did not say better) than Flo, like Grand Colbert. The set-menu is about 40 euro.
    Or you can ask to reserve the (far from festive) upstairs of Astier which has a set-menu of around 35 euro. At least you eat better than most of the Flo-type brasseries.
    Actually next door to Flo on rue Faubourg St Denis, a restaurant may be able to accommodate you and has good food in a nice casual setting, Derya, but it serves Turkish cuisine.

    Have a wonderful wedding. I don't envy your job of having to find such a restaurant at a moment when you must have a zillion things to do.
    If all the restaurants do not work out, have a pre-wedding picnic in Palais Royal. At least it will be beautiful and festive.

    1. Drouant is open on Sunday and would be able to acomodate that size party but may be out of your price range

      1. Thanks for the responses, very helpful, in fact I really like the picnic at Palais Royal idea, although I'm scared it could get rained out.

        Very silly question. Are there usually plenty of boulangeries/delis where I could get picnic supplies on Sunday? I will based on Rue Montorgueil if that helps...

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          Why don't you buy all your picnic supplies from the many good food stores, boulangeries, etc. on rue Montorgueil?
          You can find very detailed weather report on Sunday and don't need us. I checked briefly and saw that around lunch time Sunday there is a 20% chance rain (which becomes 30% by 2pm). If I were you I would remain optimistic :-) and continue to check on the weather report update. Your party can always duck under the beautiful arcades if it rains. It will make a nice story.

          But if you are to reserve a large table in a resto, you had better call (and beg and grovel) immediately.

        2. How about Rotesserie du Beaujolais? I have been when a long table has been put together, it might be a little more than the 30 euro but sharing chickens and other dishes, a lovely setting. I don't know if it is a bistro or a brasserie but it has a great atmosphere across from Notre Dame.
          Please let us know where you go and how the meal was. And have a wonderful wedding .