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Sep 7, 2011 11:00 PM

Perfect restaurant to have an affair in.

This could be a fun idea. (and inspired by another post - which insisted it wasn't about having an affair).

Of course it, has to be far away from the "other". If you're on the west side - are you safe going downtown? The valley?

Had a friend who had a girlfriend, fell in love with this model turned screenwriter. And he asked her out. He did some research for something interesting and obscure. He found it - a Latino transvestite bar in East L.A. He takes the date there and a few drinks into the evening - in walks his girlfriend! And his comment, priceless "Of all the Latino transvestite bars in the world...."

Anyway, I would say if the "other" doesn't like a particular cuisine - then that settles it.

But someplace obscure and interesting. And if not on the outskirts, in an unconventional setting where you'd probably not run into anyone you knew.

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  1. Perfect restaurant to have an affair in.

    before , during or after the meal?

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    1. re: sdv231

      Before. Or after. In would be another topic altogether. You're free to run with that one!

    2. hmmmmm

      If you went to FuRaiBo you could sneak out through the door leading to the bar next door and it's usually so crowded it'd be hard to spot someone

      OTOH Pacific Dining Car on the westside has a few different rooms where you could disappear for an hour or so

      Pacific Dining Car
      1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. If you're from the valley, and flush, then I'd say the back booth in Melisse - near the Wilshire St. exit. Then only one of you would be visible. And you can both sit on the hidden from public view side (and have a stellar, romantic meal).

            1. re: foodiemahoodie

              * Disclaimer: the following suggestion is not an implied endorsement of infidelity:
              Soot Bul Jeep in Koreatown. So smoke laden within, no one will detect you through the haze. Also, the sooty bbq smoke will cling to your clothes and thereby mask any parfums or 'other amorous fragrances' henceforth permeating the sullied fabric of your dastardly soul :-)

              1. re: silence9

                That was an impressively intricately thought out response... you've convinced me...

                1. re: Thi N.

                  hey thi, have you been to simon's cafe recently?

          2. Can't say I have much experience in this field but, speaking hypothetically, I'm not sure I'd want to have an affair in any place with really good food. Because then I'd be tempted to keep coming back, become known as a regular, and then ... well, then you're just asking for trouble. So only the first of the following has food that's any better than execrable:

            1) Brodard. Because nobody can find their way to the entrance unless they already know where it is. Plus, if you can manage to look sexy while eating bahn tom to the sounds of Vietnamese dance pop (imagine the Chipmunks covering Justin Bieber), then you're in like Flynn.

            2) The Falcon Inn. Because everybody there looks like they're on the lam from *someone*, so complete omerta is guaranteed.

            3) Bahooka. High-backed booths, labyrinthine layout, scores of atmospheric fish tanks, flaming day-glo Hilo Hatties to strip your inhibitions.

            4) The snack bar atop Mt. Wilson. Amazing views, and several escape routes (bring trail shoes and lots of water).

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            1. re: Bradbury

              bradbury, you have me LMAO.

              1. re: Bradbury

                When did Mt Wilson get a snack bar? The best I'd ever done up there is to snag some potato chips during a free lecture in the auditorium.

                Mr Taster

                  1. re: Servorg

                    Was at the "Cosmic Cafe" at the pavilion in Skyline Park atop Mt. Wilson this past weekend. Was told the snack shop had been reopened for about 4 years, and that it originally was open many years ago, in the 1970's I believe she said. Anyway, the food was snack shop quality, which is what you'd expect. Still, it was kind of nice munching on a giant, mediocre hot dog admiring the gorgeous view.

                    Mr Taster