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Sep 7, 2011 09:25 PM

best wedding cake?

hello fellow foodies!

who do you think bakes the best (wedding) cake? i'm looking for something uber tasty (no fondant.)


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  1. Ours was delicious and was from Isgro's. I wanted an Italian rum cake.

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    1. re: JanR

      I'll second Isgro's. Old school and delicious.

    2. If you are near Wayne, Aux Petit Delices has a wide range of excellent offerings. The Tahitian is probably the best cake I've ever had.

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      1. re: Chefpaulo

        Night Kitchen in Chestnut Hill has the best tasting cakes around and their designs are spectacular.

      2. we got my daughter's wedding cake from Amy's cakery in quakertown - she works out of her house. the cake was awesome! everyone was asking who made it -it was soo good

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          ooh thanks for the reccomendations everyone! ill check them out! anyone tried miel patisserie's cakes?

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            yes, we had Miel for our wedding and it was spectacular. No fondant, either. It was so good that by the time I went for a piece, it was all gone! Good thing I got that bite fed to me!

            I think we had a chocolate and a pound cake, maybe cream cheese pound cake?

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              Hands down Night Kitchen in Chestnut Hill. As Chefpaulo says, their cakes taste excellent, and I've yet to see any bakery that can be so creative with their design.

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                Rebbon, Actually....I've never been to Night Kitchen but welcome to the board.

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                  thank you! i plan on making cake tasting appointments at aux petit delices and night kitchen. i've ordered a tarte from aux petit delices for my father's birthday once, so i am already a fan (and neighbor). i think miel at $7+ per slice may be out of my budget. since i'm having a large wedding (about 300-320 guests), do you all suggest a get a multi tiered cake that will feed all of those people, or a a decent size multi tier with a sheet cake of the same cake/filling in the back to supplement?

                  1. re: vcartographer

                    We got the Framboisier from Aux Petits Delices - devine! We were expecting 75 people, got their 3 tier and a supplemented with a 1/4 sheet - I don't think they even cut into the sheet, but it was relatively inexpensive insurance at $50, IIRC.

          2. Don't miss Sweet Elizabeth's in Manayunk! They are new (just opened in June I think?) and although I haven't been there myself, several friends have been raving about this place. They make cupcakes every day, specialty cakes upon order and really love to make wedding cakes. I have no idea about their use of fondant (you'd have to ask) but you definitely should give them a call/go visit them. What I've heard is that the cakes are delicious and the designs really unique and gorgeous. Good Luck wherever you go!

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