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Sep 7, 2011 07:38 PM

October weekend in the Hudson Valley

My wife and I are planning on taking a three day weekend in the third week of October, roughly the 21st to the 23rd, give or take a day on either end. I'm thinking about heading up into the Hudson Valley from NYC to enjoy the fall colors on the tree leaves and have some great food.

I'm looking for any suggestions you might have for me. We've been to Stone Barns before, so we'll skip it this time around. It's also a bit above what we want to spend, which I'd say is about $100 total per meal BEFORE drinks, tax and tip. We often order strategically and share an entree if necessary to keep within our budget.

In terms of cuisine, I'd like to focus on local and/or seasonal ingredients. Italian, American, and French cuisines preferable, but Im open to others if something is really exceptional.

I'd consider spending the entire weekend in one place, or moving around from night to night.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Where in the Hudson Valley are you planning to go? It's a pretty big area.

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    1. If you should happen to be anywhere near Big Indian in upstate NY <Catskills> I highly recommend Peekamoose Restaurant and Tap Room. One of my favorites restaurants, great food <from local farms> and drink.

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        I understand it's a big area, and I'm open at this point. I'm thinking about hitting up Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble that Saturday night if I can convince my wife it's worth the expense (I've been before, she hasn't). But I'm still in the planning stages so any suggestions as to where we should go for great food and a good time would be appreciated. I am planning on renting a car, as I doubt we could really do an enjoyable trip anywhere up there without one.

        Thanks for the suggestions. Keep em coming!

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          Ok, if you come back to the Tarrytown area, you could stay at the Castle (or one of the more moderate "chain" hotels), and see all the mansions. For upscale eating, we enjoy Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappequa (they also have rooms) and Iron Horse Grill, Pleasantville. For more casual, the cookery in Dobbs Ferry is great as well as Harvest on Hudson (for a nice view too).

          If you head up to the Rhinebeck area, you have the CIA plus all the nice little restaurants in downtown Rhinebeck, Local, Arielle, Le Petit Bistro.

          The Dia in Beacon gets high marks and there are some nice restaurants there too that have been recommended, but I have not yet tried.

          Hope this helps. Not sure what Levon Helm's Midnight Ramble is....sounds like fun though, where does it take place?

          Harvest on Hudson
          1 River Street, Hastings on Hudson, NY 10706

          Crabtree's Kittle House
          11 Kittle Road, Chappaqua, NY 10514

          Iron Horse Grill
          20 Wheeler Ave, Pleasantville, NY 10570

          1. re: owlwoman

            Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out. What's the consensus on CIA? Is it worth a stop?

            Your mention of Pleasantville reminded me that I've got the Captain Lawrence Brewery on my list of possibilities. Have you been there?

            As you may know, Levon Helm was the drummer for The Band, and he puts on concerts in the home studio he built in a barn on his property near Woodstock. It's a really intimate place that fits maybe 200 people at best. It's a great show if you like The Band or that type of music.

            1. re: ml77

              If you want to go to Captain Lawrence, check out the website for when the tasting room is open. They will be moving to Elmsford pretty soon, a larger location.

              Zeph's in Peekskill has food of the caliber and price point you want. It's a good stop on the way up or back from the Hudson Valley (it's on the Hudson, of course, but often people mean further north when talking about the Hudson Valley).

              Also if you want great beer (including plenty of local and local-ish ones) and great food, Birdsall House in Peekskill is worth exploring.

              Zephs' Restaurant
              638 Central Ave, Peekskill, NY 10566

              Birdsall House
              970 Main St, Peekskill, NY 10566

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            Kingston is a good food town. Also, Saratoga Springs (North) and Albany (South). A thread re: my yet to happen Kingston food weekend (planned to coincide with a visit to Levon Helm):


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              In Woodstock, minutes from Levon's (I have been multiple times) is an excellent little restaurant called Violette ( - interesting eclectic mix of dishes all prepared wonderfully using fresh ingredients. Love this place.

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                If you're going to the ramble, you'll be pretty close to a great restaurant called New World Home Cooking. its between Saugerties and Woodstock. The food is consistently spectacular and interesting. You will need a reservation.
                There's also quite a bit of good stuff in Rhinebeck if you're down that way, Arielle's, Beekman Arms, Terrapin. If you come up further than that, Hudson, NY has some great food, including a place called DABA that has a killer Elk Carpaccio and Whitefish Roe. Good luck.

                New World Home Cooking
                1411 Route 212, Saugerties, NY 12477

            2. The Bear Cafe is excellent and right near Levon Helm's. You will need reservations.

              I am looking for recommendations for a similar meal in Kingston, Beacon, Rhinebeck, and/or New Paltz for that weekend.

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              1. re: abr269

                I do like Levon Helm very much, loved The Band, I'll have to keep that in mind for a weekend trip.

                No, have not been to Captain Lawrence, but my DH and his son went and enjoyed the experience. They are moving, (actually closer to my home), so check with them before you visit.

                I really enjoy the CIA, have eaten at Escoffier and American Bounty, I think the value is really good and have always enjoyed the food and talking with the students. Plus, it's a really lovely campus and worth just stopping by to see, (you can always have lunch at the Apple Pie cafe).

                Escoffier Restaurant
                1946 Campus Dr, Hyde Park, NY 12538

                American Bounty Restaurant
                1946 Campus Dr, Hyde Park, NY 12538

                1. re: owlwoman

                  According to the Capt. Lawrence website, their new Elmsford location won't be opening till later this year. I'm assuming they'll continue on in P'ville till they post otherwise.

                  1. re: owlwoman

                    the medici on cia campus is definitely worth it as well. overall good experience at the cia

                2. I have some more casual recommendations...

                  Beacon has a cute little downtown with some unique and interesting shops. As far as food goes, Poppy's would definitely fit your requirement of local-- they use grass-fed beef from Kiernan Farm in Gardiner and rolls from the bakery down the street. For dessert, Jane's has fantastic ice cream. There are plenty of outdoorsy and cultural activities in the area.

                  If you're planning on a more southern trip to check out Capt. Lawrence in Pleasantville, take a 20 minute detour up to Peekskill to visit one of Westchester's only restaurants with a true focus on local food-- Birdsall House. It is bar none my favorite restaurant as of late in the county. They just opened an outdoor beer garden and their beer selection is excellent. They also do brunch.


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                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                    I second Poppy's, and there are some good hikes in the Beacon area if you're interested in that (Mount Beacon, Breakneck Ridge are some of the more popular ones). Captain Lawrence is worth a visit. Keegan Ales is Kingston is a good stop as well. For driving around to see fall colors, I'd recommend driving around Ulster County (Marlboro/Gardiner/New Paltz area), the scenery from the local roads there is beautiful, and maybe visiting some of the wineries in the area.

                  2. New World Bistro Bar (Woodstock/Saugerties):


                    I've only been to the Albany location.