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Sep 7, 2011 06:24 PM

Pithy Peaches

Stone fruit season is almost over, but many store bought peaches still look fresh and attractive. However toward the end of peach season, one never knows if your acquired peach is a juicy one or a “clinker” until you take a bite.

Although pithy peaches are fine when sliced and stewed - I was once told that if stone fruit is refrigerated below 47f, the sugars will then break down and the texture will thus be “off” . . So I ask my Chowhound experts, what causes a good looking (store bought) peach to be pithy?

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  1. The adjective you are looking for is "mealy". I have not heard that mealiness is due to over-chilling but certainly pears and apples, which are not stone fruit, get mealy and cherries, which are, don't. I have red that if peaches are still greenish around the stem end, they were picked too soon.

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        This was the info I needed for "mealy" peaches. I thank both of you for the education!