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Sep 7, 2011 04:42 PM

Updating cookware, which piece should I get next?

I'm currently renewing my cookware collection that came from a cheap set bought for under 100$ when I got my first apartment over 10 years ago (1,2,3qt saucepans & 5qt dutch pot). I've switched to induction last winter, which means I had to get rid of some interesting pieces I'd gotten over the year (a good fry pan, my large stock pot, ...).

As my DH loves me very much, he indulges in my luxury taste, so we've decided to go for the Demeyere Atlantis line as I wanted pretty pots, dishwasher safe, and they are great for induction. I love the handle, the finish, ...

We are a 2 person family still hoping for more members, and I usually cook for 4 because we need leftovers for our lunches. I entertain regularly, but only a few friends at a time, so very rarely do I cook more than 6 portions at a time.

I currently own and intend to keep:

- Staub 2.75 qt round Cocotte (not much use, a gift part of a Costco set)
- Staub 6.5 qt round Cocotte (again a gift, a bit too large for my needs, but it gets lot of use)
- Staub 10" fry pan
- Staub 2.75 qt braiser

- 2 cheap non-stick pans (7" & 11")

- Demeyere 3.2 qt saucepan (got an amazing price at Amazon on that one!)
- Demeyere Proline 11" fry pan

Now I'm pondering what pieces & size I should get next...

Another Demeyere saucepan: 1qt, 1.6 or 2.3? The 2.3 is probably the most versatile, but will I miss a small 1 qt for small tasks, like clarify a stick of butter? Or get the 1qt and add another one in a year or so?

Demeyere Saucier: those look fabulous, but which size? The 2.6 qt is aggressively priced, but the 3.2 might hold more, but then I rarely whisk up large quantities of sauce. If I decide to get the 2.6, maybe I should get one of the smaller saucepan instead of the 2.3qt, and use this as an extra saucepan for veggies.

Demeyere 8.9 qt stock pot: good for small batch of chicken stock, soup with bones, pasta, ... I'd get a cheap 15 or 18 qt restaurant line eventually for large stock batches.

Demeyere 4.2qt sauté pan?? I've never had a sauté pan, do I need one? I've managed without, but for making meatballs sauce in one pot it would be nice.

I know it's very personal, but I'm so indecisive. DH just tells me to get what I want (he doesn't cook), and my friends all think I'm crazy for spending that kind of money of pots & pans. They mostly have a basic set in a box. Spending the money is not a problem, but I don't want to make a mistake.

I will buy those over the next few months, every time I drive over the border to USA, because they are even more expensive here in Canada! Williams Sonoma pricing looks like a good deal compared to our kitchen stores here... I was hoping to get most of this at W-S, but I stopped at one in Boston over the week-end, and was very disappointed to see no Demeyere cookware in store. I'm pretty sure I saw pieces just last winter in the Vermont store, but the saleslady looked at my husband like he had 2 heads! They should list it as online exclusive then. Now I'll have to order all the pieces on Amazon, which is a bit more complicated.

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  1. Ha ha, you sound like me a year ago.

    FIrst, check out . They carry Demeyere, occasionally have specials, and will work with you.

    Demeyere is HEAVY. The 3.2 saucier does not have a helper handle, and when filled, is a bit cumbersome.

    If you've never needed a saute pan, I wouldn't start now with a Demeyere.

    The stock pot is an expensive option in the world of stock pots.

    I am fond of, though have yet to buy, the Apollo multi-function pan. It really does seem to do it all.

    If you do go with the 2.6 saucier, I wouldn't get the 2.6 saucepan. That's a bit redundant. I'd get a smaller one to handle the butter, etc.

    Lastly, I suggest you look long and hard at your current set-up, and replace the pans one by one in the order of priority and frequency of use. That may make it easier.

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    1. re: E_M

      Thanks for your reply. I'll drop by a local store this week-end to actually look at the saucier pan. I didn't check it last time, but read so much on Chowhound about that type of pan to make me consider it.

      I think for now I'll get the stock pot even if it is expensive, because I feel this is something I will use a lot. (Pretty shiny $$$ pots are still cheaper than diamonds...) I also think I should get one small saucepan (1.1 or 1.6), and later on add either a saucier, or a larger saucepan. I regularly use all my 3 current saucepans at the same time, hence my current interrogation about which one I actually need! And after a summer of grilling and salads, I can't recall well how much use I have for each piece.

      The multi-function pan sure looks cool, very similar in shape to my Staub braiser, which I already love (pretty new purchase). I love to cook with the cast iron, but I do have to handwash which I hate.

    2. My best friend talked me into a 1 quart saucepan a few years ago and I don't know how I lived without it. It is one of my most frequently used pans.

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      1. re: rasputina

        I have a 1 qt pan (an All-Clad without lid which was on sale for some obscenely low price, like $20), and I'm glad I have one, but don't use it that frequently. I think 1.5 qt or 2 qt is more generally useful.

        If you're looking at sauciéres, the Falk ones look very nice (they have a 2 qt, a 3 qt, a 4.5 qt, and a small 1.5 qt which is their "try me" piece - $200 with the lid, or $145 without). I have a 3 qt Sitram catering sauciére which gets a lot of use for tossing pasta with sauce, and general purpose cooking; I think a 2 qt would be more useful for sauces and what not, and a 3 qt+ more useful as a curved sauté pan. The sauciére's wide / shorter profile (compared to a saucepan) makes it a bit less useful for cooking grains / beans / soups, though I have done it.

        1. re: will47

          Love that Falk saucier, gorgeous, and such a good price. I always thought I would get some copper pieces someday, but sadly, not possible anymore with my lovely induction range.

          Mauviel M'Cook has a nice saucier, and the 1.7qt is only 100$ on W-S (online only however...) which makes it very interesting to see if I really use such a piece. I've checked the Demeyere in store over the week-end, and liked them. Seemed like the lid did not fit as well as on the regular saucepans, strange. The 3 qt is definitely too big for me at this point!

          I'll upgrade my 1.1qt saucepan, since I've always used it quite a bit. I'm still on the fence bout getting a second (bigger) saucepan, or go with the saucier. I've changed my mind at least 10 times in the last 2 days. Money is not the only problem, easy access drawer space is tight so I must get the right stuff.