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Apr 6, 2006 10:04 AM

San Pedro

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Any recs for downtown San Pedro? Anyone been to Senfuku? Please, only recs for the downtown area.

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  1. Rafaello's on Pacific Ave (Italian) or Neil's (Italian/seafood) are both good. Senfuku is very average Japanese.

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    1. re: Macdonald


      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      We chose Rafaello's and I'm still on a high from the experience. There was just something so right about it.

      1. re: JB

        So glad you liked it! Raffaello's is definitely a wonderful little-known gem in San Pedro. Please let us know what you had there when you come down from that high :)

        1. re: Macdonald

          Well, there's still at least a residual high.

          My wife and I ordered the fried calamari and shrimp app., tortellini with ham and mushrooms and osso bucco. They were very accomodating allowing us to split each of these even bringing the tortellini in separate bowls.

          To drink, I had the much underrated Peronni beer and my wife the house chianti.

          Before anything that we ordered came out of the kitchen, we were served a nice bread with (natch) hard butter, bruchetta, roasted peppers and salads. We were also pleasantly surprised by bowls of a very tasty spumoni for dessert.

          For some very nice reason, they comped our app. when the check was presented!(?)

          Was any of the food transcendental? No. But, sometimes it's not ALL about the food. When the food is at least above average then the rest of the experience comes into play for me as well. I would say that for me the entire experience was transcendental. It's the antithesis of either corporate or sceney.

          Maybe, I just don't get out enough.

        2. re: JB

          Be sure to try Neil's too. Excellent food, nice atmosphere, great service.

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