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Sep 7, 2011 02:44 PM

Silver Spring, Bethesda and vicinity

I know that there are lists, and Pomegranate is wonderful , But the lists don't tell you how it tastes.

Where (in addition to Pomegranate) in the DC northern' burbs is it worth going for wonderful food; just to eat something wonderful (schwarma, deli, falafel, pizza...) It doesn't have to be tablecloth, I'd just like to eat good stuff on a tedious, upcoming, multi-day business trip.

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  1. Sorry if I'm hijacking your thread...but the same goes for me. Hopefully going in two weeks.

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    1. re: Pluckyduk8

      My son is going to DC on the 19th. He'll be eating grab and go sandwiches unless I can convince Eli's to put dinner in a taxi, poor kid.

    2. In Rockville, we love Siena's ( which is a pizza place with mexican option. Another good pizza place is Ben Yehuda ( in Silver Spring.

      For meat, I would stick to either Moti's Grill ( in Rockville or Max's ( in Silver Spring.

      1. You should know Pomegranate is planning on closing sometime in the next week or two (I've heard September 14th) so hopefully you get here before it does, because it's a great restaurant....

        another option is Spike Mendelson's kosher food truck "sixth & rye" in DC which is open usually only on Fridays from 11:30-1:30ish...also an interesting option, and something different...haven't tried it yet, but I'd gladly accept a sandwich if you want to bring one back to Baltimore

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          Drat! How can Pom close before I get to try it???

        2. there is also a fun little Persian place in Rockville called cafe Sharween

          1. Here's a relatively new restaurant that, based on our 1 visit, is pretty darn good --

            And there is an Israeli restaurant in Rockville that we like also