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Sep 7, 2011 02:28 PM

Where to cater Thanksgiving meal from in Carlsbad?

Hi there,
Approx 15 of us will be getting together in Carlsbad for Thanksgiving, and we would like to cater our Thanksgiving meal (we'll be staying in a house) with the traditional works. Could you kindly recommend a local grocery store or restaurant that would fit the bill? We all love food, and would need a few vegetarian side items. Also, any amazing restaurants not to be missed where we can bring a large family that includes children? I heard that there's a great brunch, I think at LaCosta, but not sure if it's appropriate with kids. Thanks!

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  1. I don't know if they are planning on doing it again this year, but last year Stone (Bistro) did a buy-in-advance/pick up TGiving morning full (or partial, or vegetarian, if you wanted) turkey dinner with trimmings and dessert that was absolutely delicious.

    Edit: Found the link to last year's one:

    "Our talented kitchen crew is cooking up delicious take-home turkey dinners using organic and local ingredients, so you can relax and enjoy time with your family. And for every dinner ordered, we're providing another complete dinner to CASA DE AMPARO , who will distribute them to families who wouldn't otherwise be able to have a turkey dinner this year.

    Just think, get a break from cooking, enjoy a meal made with locally grown organic produce, and provide a dinner to a family in need. Now that's a dinner to feel great about"

    1. Thankgiving meals from Whole Foods get mixed reviews but personally we've always been happy. And can't beat the convenience -- crisp/warm the precooked turkey for 30 minutes and heat the sides. Lets you spend time with family instead of in the kitchen. Order in advance and then walk out of the store with a bag of food the week of Thanksgiving.

      If you feel like cooking something these side dish recipes from the NY Times are very good (and vegetarian), especially the fiery sweet potatoes:

      1. For a great restaurant in Carlsbad try Paon. Doubt they have a kids menu, but they do have a private room that seats 20.

        1. La Costa caters to (heh-joke) families, and I think i'd be a great choice. Call in advance, I suspect they'll have a lot of family business for Tday vacation.

          Another place for "take out" is Tip Top meats. They do a great turkey.

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          1. Vons supermarket provides a full Thanksgiving spread through their deli department. It may not win any culinary awards, but my experience was that it was surprisingly good and very reasonable in price.