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Sep 7, 2011 02:01 PM

Pizza S.E. Calgary?

Where waths good? close to Cranston please and Thankyou.

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  1. What kind of pizza are you seeking? For just regular, run-of-the-mill takeout pizza, I actually consider Western Pizza right in Cranston to be very good takeout pizza, compared to some of the other junk pizza chains in the area, and order it very often. It's a thick crust, topping loaded pizza, and the toppings are all of fine quality. Heh, if you order a Hawaiian, the ham is actually like ham you eat at x-mas, not like the gross cubes/strips of ham you get at the popular chains.

    Otherwise, for eat in, I've heard good things about the Olive Grove in Douglasglen, however have never tried. For a thinner crust, I've always been a fan of Tom's House of Pizza, but is a little drive away in Bridlewood. Finally, Coach and Horses has decent pub-pizza, had it several times and usually hits the spot for some non-fancy, thick-crust greasy pizza.

    1. I went to WIthout Papers on 9th and it's wood-fired thiin crust pizza in a hip setting. If you want the usual take-out with tons of cheese etc. don't bother going. I just moved here I don't know where Cranston is but I am in the S.E...

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        LOL, cranston is about as far SE as you can get in Calgary... certainly not close. itmybegood, the problem is that there really isn't much of ANYTHING waaaaaaaaaaay down there, let alone good pizza. There is a Tom's House of Pizza on James McKevitt, I think that's about the best you're gonna find without a drive north.

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          thank you NumberFive I saw the CPU place and I got a pie, it was good for the price, and you right nonlinear there is not much around here i will drive down to Tom's House some of this days when the Great pizza craving kicks in.

          1. re: itmybegood

            Try Western Pizza at the front of Cranston by the Macs. It's not high end like places such as Without Papers or Double Zero, it's still just takeout pizza, but IMO about as good as you can get for takeout pizza. That's my go-to place for pizza when we're having a bunch of people over and needing some pies.

            1. re: itmybegood

              Even if it's not your favorite style, you'll find that in terms of quality and originality, Tom's is LEAGUES beyond CPU and Western Pizza.

              1. re: nonlinear

                Hey NL the Tom's there by Spruce meadous was a gret recomendation, thank you.

                1. re: itmybegood

                  Tom's for me is a Calgary staple in the pizza world. Heh, having had a bunch of buddies and a brother that all worked there, I ate a lot of that stuff in university days.