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Sep 7, 2011 01:01 PM

What are my Dehillerin copper pots worth?

My mom gave me these copper pots she bought in Paris back in the late 70's...I believe they're lined with tin, so they probably need to be relined.

I don't cook that much, so I'm thinking about selling them...are the older ones worth more than new ones? How much should I ask for them.


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  1. Dehillerin are a great make and 'those in the know' will be well aware of their worth should you ever put them on ebay. I have a 'Dehillerin' search set up on ebay in the optimistic hope that I might one day find a bargain. Alas, quality costs and i've never seen them go for a song.

    They'll only need re-tinning (an expensive thing to do, i believe) if the copper is showing through the base. Otherwise they're fine to use.

    The shop in Paris is a must visit if you're ever in town. Good luck. I'll be watching ebay,,,

    1. Hi, manku:

      Judging from your photo, you should be very grateful to your mom. These appear to be Dehillerin's "Extra Fort" planished grade. I collect copperware, and I'm not aware of a better pan from any company still in business. Only the older hotel-grade pans are arguably better (thicker), but your mom's pans are VERY nice. What is especially great is that the saucepans have their lids, and I do believe they, too, bear the Dehillerin mark. And if the oval gratin is any indication, the linings are perfect.

      Based on my experience, at a well-handled auction on eBay, the pans should each bring around $200. To real cooks and collectors, yes, the old ones are worth more than new stock, but that's not necessarily reflected in the prices.

      If you sell, I would recommend that you "mike" the wall thickness (3mm walls get substantially higher prices). You will get more $ if you split up the pieces, but with pans this great, it would almost be a sin. Please consider selling as a set, or at least keeping the lids with the saucepans.

      Is there some reason you don't want to keep and use these?


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        Thanks for the reply...dumb me listed them on craigslist (for 1500) and I went to meet someone with the pots before checking the board again...ended up selling the lot for $500...doh! It was easy, and the buyer was very nice...I didn't really feel like haggling...fwiw, the other offers i received were also for 500.

        They do need to be relined, which would have cost about $300-500.

        I used to use the pots growing up, and actually never really liked them...I actually don't use saucepans that much...mostly do grilling, lots of boiling water, and dishes where I cook in a 10-12 inch saute pan.

        1. re: manku

          Hi, manku:

          You're welcome. You gave the buyer a very good deal. I think they snowed you on the retinning. Was there exposed copper totaling more than a square inch per pan?


          1. re: kaleokahu

            Hi Manku,

            I saw your ad on craigslist. I did not make an offer because $1500 is out of my budget, but I would have paid more than $500 for sure. I guess I shouldn't feel so self conscious about making a "low-ball" offer. It's neither here nor there...

            Hopefully the buyer will use them well.

            I think on ebay the set would have gone for 1000-1300 depending on whether or not they were split up or sold as a set, but ebay/paypal would have taken a significant bite out of that, and you've saved yourself the huge hassle of packaging, insuring, and shipping 6 heavy boxes.

            Also, a dirty little secret on sleeze-bay these days is that they *always* side with the buyer if the buyer is not satisfied for any reason, which essentially makes any sellers "no-returns" policy meaningless. And after selling on CL, you don't have to deal with any refunds to people who experience buyers remorse after paying $200 for a pan they haven't touched or held.

            Judging by the pictures, they are the 2.5-3mm version, and the lids are very nice. I'm still undecided on whether or not I believe in karma, but I think once in a while giving someone else a great deal is good for the spirit.

            Best wishes!

      2. I don't know what this is doing on the wine board but I purchased their saute pan in the late 1980s and it cost the equivalent of $250 then...