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Sep 7, 2011 12:28 PM

Saturday Lunch/Brunch Far NE/ Lower Bucks

Looking for a decent place for 8 people to go for lunch near Byberry & Bustleton. Will then head to PA Turnpike, so want convenience to that as well. We'll be eating around 2:00 Saturday.
Several of them are Picky Eaters, with one with a shellfish allergy, and other can't eat spicy.
UGH. :-)

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  1. Cafe Michelangelo is a family owned Italian restaurant that is less than a quarter mile south on Bustleton from Byberry. Wood fire pizzas, sandwiches and pastas. And they have a bocci court.

    Steve Stein's Famous Deli on Krewstown road is about the only good jewish deli reasonably close to where you are going to be. Soups, sandwiches and the like.

    In Southhampton north of the Byberry and Bustleton is a great vegetarian restaurant called Blue Sage. Not sure if they are open after 2pm on Sats. Check their website.

    Their are more restaurants further afield, but I am trying to avoid the buffets and the chain restaurants in suggestions. There are a whole collection of great indian restaurants on Street Road in Bensalem but that is not within your interest.

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      +1 for Cafe Michelangelo. When I worked in the NE, we had lunch there at least once each week.