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Sep 7, 2011 11:00 AM

Excellent meal at Radicchio Cafe

I just wanted to pass on that my family and I enjoyed a great meal at Radicchio Cafe at lunch this past Saturday (generally not the best time to get a great meal in town). I feel bad that we have been going to Philly almost every Saturday for the past ten years and somehow missed this gem (no doubt due to the 4th and Wood Sts. near 4th and Vine, an area with little pedestrian traffic and not much else around there except Franklin Square a few blocks to the west).

Anyway, we enjoyed a delicious focaccia appetizer with proscuitto, grilled calamari (decent, but not as good as Estia for example), very good lobster ravioli with grilled shrimp and scallops, a salad with perfectly grilled shrimp, and a perfectly prepared, moist, tasty whole bronzino that was a special on the menu that day (along with a whole dorado). I have to admit that the bronzino was the best whole fish I've had in town lately (better than Kanella or Estia). Not much of a dessert menu at Radicchio, so we passed on that...but the fish alone is worth a quick return visit! It was great that they offered the fish (geenerally on the dinner menu) at lunch. Well worth it!

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  1. Nice report. We have been going there for many years, the whole fish has been on the menu from the beginning. We actually like the location as its always pretty easy to get a parking space.
    Only drawback is no reservation policy but we get around that by planning when to go. BYO is an added plus for us.

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      the location is definitely off the beaten path but people do know about it and line up out the door some nights...its the kind of restaurant I wish existed in my neighborhood on the main line. Reasonable priced, reliable Italian food.

    2. Just at Franklin Square on Monday lunch time and walking back noticed Radicchio was open for lunch which I had never realized before - then thought - "and it's MONDAY" have to remember that