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Sep 7, 2011 09:55 AM


trying to find a good restaurant near the Black Lake Golf course

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  1. This almost seems like a set up.

    There is only one answer. Jocko's. Spencer steak. Only go for dinner. Do a search on the California board for 8 bajillion swooning testimonials.

    Mr Taster

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      Caveat--don't go to Jock's expecting fine dining--1940's cinder block building with zero charm. Tradional 50's-60's dingey steak house decor and relish tray with cello-packed crackers. The meat is good but that's about it. Weekends can be a madhouse.

      It's about 10 minutes from Blacklake, go left on Willow, right on Pomeroy, left on Tefft , left on Thompson, left into parking lot.

      If you are going to be at BL for more than one dinner, you might wish to compare with the venerable Far Western Tavern a steakhouse south of BL on Highway 1 about 10 miles in Guadalupe. In a historic old building on Main St., the dining room is now headed by Rick Manson, previously of Chef Rick's in nearby Orcutt. Again, their Spencer( "bullseye") is quite good. Great old bar with lots of original stained glass.

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        tyvm, i'll be sure to check them out, i've heard mixed reviews about jockos. thanks again ;)

        1. re: srvr4life

          Nipomo is a very small town with very little (or any) culinary sites to compete with it. Jocko's has been there even before the town was developed beginning in the 70s when we first arrived and built a home there. I believe there was a small taco shop and one liquor store off the 101 freeway plus a small mom and pop market on the corner. Jocko's is still number one in that area with zero competition hands down. Oh, I forgot to mention...I challenge you to finish the Jocko's Special burger combo (I believe it's still $8?). I have yet to finish it.

          1. re: Clinton

            Having also been to see what "Jack's Famous Burger" was all about in Orcutt, seems volume rules in this part of the world. Terrible burger but certainly lots of it which gives it the distinguished "famous" status - ridiculous sized nothing. But not worse than their pies. I don't get how volume trumps quality, but it does up this way.

            1. re: Clinton

              i can barely finish the 1lb burger at mikes grille here in town, how big is jocko's?

              1. re: srvr4life

                I'm guessing that the Jocko's special has two half pound oak grilled patties with all the trimmings (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles. etc). It also comes with a huge portion of cut fries plus green salad and Santa Maria beans. I've been to Jack's in Orcutt a while back but Jocko's for me is much better IMHO.

                1. re: Clinton

                  man, u r making me hungry. its a huge deal if it comes w/all those sides, usually places offer you ff, salad OR beans, but all three WOW. thats a good deal, wish it wasnt so far though (about 3 hrs away), i'd be there every month ;)

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              We removed some fairly testy replies about Jocko's from here. We hope everyone can continue to share their opinions on the food without sharing their opinions on their fellow posters. If anyone wants a copy of their removed posts to edit and repost, you can write to us at

        2. Be sure to call in a reservation otherwise the wait is at least an hour and a half. The Spencer steak is great but so is their lamb chops. Same price.

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            tyvm, i'll be sure to contact them ;)