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Sep 7, 2011 09:52 AM

Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge!

I went on opening night -- Labor Day -- and had a really nice meal. There were four of us so I got to try many things. I am not a vegetarian, but I enjoyed the offerings. I had a hearty mushroom burger accompanied by a tangy, tasty cole slaw. My friends tried the seitan, a fried tofu dish and an omelet. The pastry chef is very talented. The desserts are all vegan. I have no idea how she got them to taste so good. A wonderful coconut/citrus layer cake was my favorite. The cheesecake was also very good. Veggie Galaxy opened at the right time in the right place. It was slammed opening day and even had to close early because they ran out of so many dishes.

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  1. Thanks for the report. It looked cute when I walked by on Labor Day.

    1. Is the menu the same as Veggie Planet?

      Veggie Planet
      47 Palmer St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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        I hear it's way bigger.

        Are they related?

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          Yes. The website only has the menu for Planet. I was curious since (according to their website) Planet specializes in pizza and Galaxy is a Diner/ Vegan Bakery.

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            Same owner. By the way, the atmosphere is one of the best aspects of the place. Really diner-y!

        2. My husband and I went for a special preview event and were sadly underwhelmed. We both had sandwiches of various sorts (a club and BLT I believe?) and were disappointed. We're both vegetarians, so we were really looking forward to it opening, especially since one of our favorite places ever is Saturn (veg diner) in Santa Cruz.

          The sandwiches tasted...too healthy? They were served with greens and potato salad, which is not what I'm looking for in diner food. The bread was also underwhelming somehow, despite being When Pigs Fly, of which I am a big fan. Maybe not enough condiments? I was expecting a nice, flavorful, greasy sandwich that I remember back from when I ate meat, but I instead got a decent, but wholesome tasting sandwich that definitely didn't bring "diner food" to mind.

          We're absolutely going to give it another try (or two or three), and I sincerely hope some of the other options are bigger hits. It's a fun space, and I love the idea of having a veggie diner in Boston. Some of the breakfast items did look very promising (caramelized brussel sprouts for omelets!).

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            I agree -- the menu makes it fairly difficult to order something _with_ fries, except by adding them as an explicit side dish request. I would have preferred fries with my burger.

            I had a banana chocolate frappe which was OK, but tasted strongly of unripe banana somehow.

            A tofu omelette with vegan cheese and vegan chorizo was surprisingly tasty and had good texture.

            My mushroom burger was a bit poor, I thought. But I'd give the place another go and it's a good option to have prior to a Middle East or TT's show. I'm sure it will do well for that reason if no other.

          2. We went twice opening weekend....

            First time was for desserts/coffee. Across us we were gluten free, nut free, vegan, and veggie - whew! The waitress knew her stuff and navigated our allergies with ease. They made a vegan lemon meringue pie that blew us all away. The GF option was pudding, which was good but not as wow as what the others had. The coffee was hot and strong and the service was spot on.

            Our next visit was for brunch. The omelet choices are much more sophisticated than you'd expect at a diner and they executed them well. Mine had very fresh pesto and smoked tomato puree among other things too. They also offered tofu omelets, vegan cheese and GF toast (although the latter is not advertised but available). They were definitely overwhelmed at this point in the weekend and the service and pacing suffered as a result. I'm sure these are first-week bumps that will get smoothed out really fast. They seem committed to getting it right and I do believe they will.

            The portions were large and the prices are very moderate. I think this is a great addition to the all-veggie options around Boston and my DC and I plan to be back often. Is it hangover-greasy like a real diner? Not so much. But diner-style food made a little healthier is just fine by me!

            1. I enjoyed dinner at the counter on Saturday evening. The place was packed which actually made it a little more comfortable for a solo diner like myself. There was no wait for me but if your a party of one you will most certainly have a wait. My overall assessment is that it's a great addition to the neighborhood. Particularly at its price point (My dinner with tip was $21.00). I look forward to returning.

              Anyway, I got a good seat next to all the food coming out so I could really ogle everything. The Western Ave omelet features asiago cheese and brussel sprout with a yummy tangy tomato relish on top. The homefries are tiny cubes with minimal spice but a good crisp edge and the whole wheat toast was just fine. The other things I spied coming out of the kitchen that looked good where the veggie burger with pesto and a corn relish and the seitan loaf with swiss chard.

              The highlight of my Veggie Galaxy experience was the dessert. I was seriously in heaven with slice of the chocolate cream pie and a cup of black coffee. The pie had an oreo cookie crust (a better option than pastry crust for a chocolate cream pie IMO) and deep, not to sweet, chocolate flavor with a salty edge.... Now here's the thing... I think it was vegan. What is it made of then? I have no idea. I hope I didn't just lose all my credibility.

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                What is true for the chocolate cream pie is most certainly not for the banana cream pie. I had it last week and... blech, I found it barely edible. Most of it ended up in the trash. The only part that was good was the graham cracker crust. The top "cream" part was tangy and yogurt-y and just plain disgusting. It also had unsweetened toasted coconut flake which added a texture of sawdust.

                I should have gone by looks and not name. The chocolate cheesecake with a graham cracker crust looked so much better in the display case but I passed because usually I'm such a sucker for banana cream pie. Don't make my mistake.