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Sep 7, 2011 08:46 AM

Paris - Recommendations for 10th Anniversary Dinner

My wife and I will be in Paris near the end of September celebrating our 10th anniversary, and I would like your recommendations for one or two "nicer" dinners. We are staying in the 7th Arr.

We are experienced travelers who tend to prefer what I would characterize as local spots. In other words, a place where a typical Paris resident would go for a special, celebratory occasion. While we both enjoy fine dining, we typically do not care for an overly formal atmosphere. Price per person is not a significant factor. Amazing food in a nice, comfortable setting is what we seek.

P.S. If it makes a difference, it has been several years since we were last in Paris.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond.


- D.

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  1. I am self-moving this to the top. I am surprised that there have not been any responses. If I have been unclear in my request, please let me know. Thank you.

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      Congratulations on your anniversary.

      You did not get replies probably because there has been a huge volume of similar requests, quite a few most recently. Sometimes the regulars feel like school children being punished and having to write the same replies over and over and over and over and …

      And your description of what you like - "Amazing food in a nice, comfortable setting" - is so general that one would not know how to advise. So you don't like crappy food and uncomfortable setting. Let me think… :-)

      Already, on your thread page, a list of similar requests is indicated below the thread, which I copy here:
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      1. re: Parigi


        Thanks so much. I kind of thought my request was either (a) not specific enough or (b) those who frequently post recommendations believed the topic has been sufficiently addressed. I have perused for years, but never really used the search function all that much. I will check out the suggested threads and post back if there are any lingering questions.


        1. re: DFWGuy

          Happy Anniversary! We love Josephine Chez Dumonet in the 6th. The duck confit and grilled beef with bernaise sauce are just wonderful. Order the grand marnier souffle with your entree for a really special dessert.

    2. May I suggest the Cigale Recamier. Lovely, delicious, and surprisingly reasonable restaurant frequented by a lot of french politicians and people in the publishing industry around lunch time. They specializes in souffles but also have many non-souffle items They wood mushroom souffle and the salted caramel souffle are to die for. I went there for a low key 7th anniversary lunch two weeks ago and it was perfect. I think the setting is exactly what you describe but perhaps you want fancier food. They don't have a website, in fact they specifically chose not to make one as they don't want to become too touristy. Here are the contact details:
      La Cigale Récamier
      4 Rue Récamier, 75007 Paris, France
      +33 1 45 48 86 58