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Sep 7, 2011 08:04 AM

Outdoor market shopping on a Sunday near the 3rd

For our week's stay in Paris we've deemed this coming Sunday our "eat in" day. We've rented a flat in the Marais and am hoping to get some advice on outdoor markets open on Sunday. I believe the Enfant Rouges is open till 2:00, but was looking for a more outdoor market experience.

So far I've narrowed the list to the Bastille, rue de Buci, Raspail and Aligre, all of which are open Sundays I believe. We're looking to get ingredients for a simple whole meal - bread, greens and vegetables (nous sommes Americain so salad comes at the beginning), meats (preferably duck or game, foie gras would be a +), cheeses (very important), fresh fruit and possibly a closeby patisserie to pick up something for dessert.

Thanks in advance for your comments and other recommendations would be appreciated as well.

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  1. You are near the biggest and one of the best markets, the one on Richard Lenoir. You'll get everything you want and lots of things you didn't know you want. Like all the other markets, unlike what the website below indicates, Sunday morning it starts to close by 12:30 and will be larged closed by 1pm. Otherwise the website is very informative:

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      And for the very best at the market, be there by 8:30 and look for the booths that havethe longest lines of elder French women!

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        This sentence should be in the Bible.

    2. Thank you both. From your enthusiasim I'm sold.

      I think the I may have mistakenly called the Richard Lenoir marche the "Bastille" marche in my post. Just to be sure, the market is on Blvd. Richard Lenoir just north of Place de la Bastile (I've seen between Rue Amelot and Rue St-Sabin)? Looking forward to the market and spending time with grand-mamans.

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