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Sep 7, 2011 07:26 AM

Lunch in St-Henri / Centre Sud / Griffintown

What places do you suggest for our casual lunches? I work close by on IDS and looking for the most houndish places. I've already tried and liked:

Atwater Market (Satay, 1ere, Pain, Walter) (anything else in there?)
Mak Mak (great Thai)
Quebec Smoke meat (very good even if they nuke the meat for service)

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  1. have you tried La Mesa Latina? they have daily lunch specials as well as an a nice assortment of empanadas. The cook and her brother are from Mexico, and there is also a gentleman from Chile there who I think makes the empanadas.

    1. check out this thread about st henri:
      I still have a problem finding good spots for lunch around here.
      Don't forget Giffintown Cafe (they have a nice little lunch menu), Burgundy Lion is open for lunch, the crepes at the Atwater Market are good (especially when the satay line is too long!).
      Cafe Mariani on Notre Dame has some good sandwiches and salads and beer on tap.

      1. Campanelli on notre dame makes great italian sandwiches