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Sep 7, 2011 07:04 AM

Mandolin Restaurant - coming soon (Raleigh)

Last month there was a blog post saying that the former Evoo spot on Fairview at Oberlin was being opened by the Allen & Sons people, although it wasn't sure what type of place it would be. Yesterday I drove past and saw the sign: Mandolin - coming soon.

A quick google showed that the site isn't up and running yet - but there is this line:

"Mandolin restaurant is Raleigh, N.C.'s premier Southern Contemporary eating experience. Comfort food with modern influences by Chef Sean Fowler."

I am so intrigued. I can't wait to find out, particularly as I am still thinking of my recent meal at Tupelo Honey (and lamenting the fact we don't have anything like that in Raleigh).

Tupelo Honey Cafe
12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

2519 Fairview Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608

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  1. There is a Chef Sean Fowler who runs the catering and special events food service at Fearrington. Thinking this is him. The cuisine description would seem to fit.

    The rumored Five Points BBQ would be a put together by Jimmy Stubbs, of the Pittsboro Allen & Sons group. They've not specified a location as yet. There was some conjecture that it would be located either in the old EVOO spot, or in the newly converted building in front of the Bloomsbury/Rite-Aid center at Five Points, but that's just talk.

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      Aha - the plot thickens.... This has me even more intrigued. How exciting if we are indeed getting two new restaurants! Thanks for the info....

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        What I want to know is how the Allen&Son in Pittsboro came to be known as Allen&Son, how Jimmy Stubbs came into being able to use the name, whether Keith Allen ever taught him at any point how to do the BBQ the fully-smoked way, etc.

    2. I'm surprised that I haven't seen any reports from Mandolin yet, so I'll throw in my two cents here from a recent visit. In short, it's really good. It has a great ambiance, very tastefully decorated in a way that balances an upscale feel with some rustic accents (like the wood shelves and pickle jars). Highlights of our meal include a pork bellow with fried clams appetizer, rabbit two ways, and banana bread pudding. We were told that the menu changes almost daily depending on what is in season and available. It appears that they source mostly locally. They have some nice cocktail options and some interesting wines on the list. You can tell that they put some time and thought into putting it together as there are some fairly esoteric options and a lot of small producers. Service was also very good too and polished. While we've just been there once and in my very humble opinion, I think this has the potential to be one of the top tables in the area.

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        Nice to hear a review.....

        I had a really nice cocktail there when I popped in to take a look (the Old Fascist - their take on an Old Fashioned). I tried to book a table on a Saturday recently (this month - January) and was told they've been fully-booked every Friday and Saturday night since they opened! So good for them!

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          ...ahem, y'all probably figured this out, but I meant to say pork belly, not "bellow." Although, that could be interesting.

          1. +1 on dinersaurus's comments - we enjoyed a good meal there last night and I think the place has potential. Excellent service and an enthusiastic accessible staff; everyone there seemed genuinely interested in taking time to answer questions and talk about the food, ingredients, ... on a busy weekend night even.