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Sep 7, 2011 05:49 AM

High end Chinese and/or non-Oriental vegetarian/organic/vegan in Philly recommendations?

I am looking for a nice, perhaps fancy, restaurant ... ideally, some quiet, conversation-friendly, intimate place with good food and service. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Unfortunately Horizons is closed and their new place Vedge is not open yet. Mi Lah vegetarian is supposedly good and not too expensive. Meritage has a vegan tasting menu on Tuesdays. The Chinese places probably do not have the ambiance you are looking for. Thank you.

    1. Does the restaurant need to be all vegan and organic? I don't understand how a Chinese restaurant and vegetarian restaurant are interchangeable, the former would likely have few veg options.

      There aren't many conversation-friendly high end places that have a lot of veg options that I can think of. Talula's Garden can accommodate food wise but I haven't been there yet so don't know about noise level. Amada and Zahav can accommodate vegetarians (not sure about vegan) very well and are nice places, but neither is quiet or intimate. Organic, forget it, though Talula's focuses on "farm to table."

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        I assumed the poster was referring to our many Chinese vegetarian resaurants like New Harmony, Singapore, Su Xing, etc. Thank you.

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          Ah ok. They are all way too casual for OP wants, none are high end at all and a couple are pretty much dives. Su Xing is the nicest of the bunch, but food is nothing special besides being vegetarian and kosher.

      2. Thank you, all. I've chosen Mi Lah, as it was recommended by a native Chinese-American Philadelphian (sp?), and seems to be the nicest (hopefully) and quietest (again, hopefully) of the options available, although my friend thinks that New Harmony's food is better, but not their atmosphere). I look forward to dining in your fair city. In general, as a vegan, I find that I can eat at almost any restaurant (With the exception of places like Pat's which offer nothing but things that are verboten to me, and should be to all of humanity - lol) ... and as proof, I certainly do not look hungry. But I look forward to a good selection and variety - something which I often miss.

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          Some vegans just can't resist.

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   the downfall of humanity will come disguised as a cheesesteak.

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              I'm not vegetarian or vegan, but it doesn't sound that far fetched.

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            You know Mi Lah is not a Chinese restaurant right?