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Sep 6, 2011 09:14 PM

Buffalo wings worth consuming??

Hey Philly Hounders,

So I moved here about a month ago from Minneapolis/St. Paul and have received some great advice from you thus far. If it wasn't for chowhound, I don't know how I would have successfully made my cuisine transition...

One thing I have yet to find is a really good buffalo chicken wing. BONE IN. There was a bar in MN that had the best buffalo chicken wings: juicy, perfectly crispy fried with a wonderfully spicy, vinegary, buffalo sauce and cool creamy bleu cheese. Where can I get something like this??

I live near PCOM on City Ave and am willing to drive (I have a car) up to 10 min. Any ideas?!

I should also say I looked through threads and haven't found much...

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    1. re: ithimis

      Wonderful! I will try to get there asap :)

      Anywhere else chowhounders? Anywhere in center city or on the mainline?

      1. re: linfr21

        I was at Chickie's and Pete's (Packer Ave location) last night and I have to admit that the wings were pretty good. However, I don't think there is a C&P within 10 minutes of PCOM.

        1. re: Philly Ray

          Here is a good thread on wings in the burbs and Philly.

          The one place that seems to always be mentioned with great wings is Moriarty's 1116 Walnut.

    2. If you want great wings - lots of different flavors, including Italian Parmesan - try The Harleysville Hotel in Harleysville, PA. Local bar with great food, great beer and wine prices, as well as wings, nachos and other bar food. Little far from Philly, but just two miles above the Lansdale Exit of the N.E. Turnpike Extension if you feel like a drive in the country one day.

      1. I'm a fan of J.D. McGillicuddy's wings, especially the Rasta wings (Jamaican Jerk) at their Ardmore location. They actually have alot of flavors and multiple locations. The closest one to you is Manayunk, Ardmore, or Roxborough.

        1. Another vote for Moriarity's.

          1. manny browns on south street has 15 cent wings on monday nights, and the bayou in manayunk has 20 cent wings on monday and tuesdays. both have very good wings, the low price is just a bonus.