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Sep 6, 2011 08:52 PM

Kosher restaurants in Montreal - anything for vegetarians?

Will be in Montreal this weekend, so I searched the board and like another poster 2 weeks ago, found a long thread from a year ago. One complication we have is that one person in our party is a vegetarian. Do the recommended meat places (e.g., Chops, Morty's) offer anything that works for her? Also, is El Morocco kosher or not at this point in time? We'll be staying downtown? TIA

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  1. We ate at Chez Benny this summer and liked it very much. It's not a table-service restaurant though, more like a cafeteria. Our vegetarian daughter got the falafel and hummus platter and it was very good (I tasted some). I can't vouch for cross-contamination issues such as the falafel perhaps having been fried in the same oil as dishes which contain meat. But if that's not a concern and you don't need a table-service restaurant, Chez Benny could definitely fit the bill.

    1. According to their own website El Morocco is no longer kosher. Their website is in French which I read poorly but I used Google Translate. Interestingly, for whatever reason, when I pressed the translate button "El Morocco" became "El United Kingdom," but it still wasn't kosher.