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Sep 6, 2011 08:21 PM

My monthly cooking club theme this month is Mexican

I volunteered to bring Sangria. What is your favorite recipe?

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  1. Sangria is Spanish. If you brought margaritas or made up micheladas or cervezas preparadas, that would be Mexican.

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      I think that sangria is pretty common in Mexico, as well as different parts of Central and South America...

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        The others won't work for my group because they aren't big hard liquor drinkers and not everyone in the group drinks beer which is why I asked for sangria.

        I can go to my local Mexican restaurant and get a Sangria. Everyone who works in the restaurant is from Mexico. Maybe I should suggest they take their sangria off the menu.

      2. i don't have a favorite, but here's a recipe that adds tequila to sangria, rather than brandy...

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        1. I love my special recipe chilli. Everyone loves it (& they should with the amount of money it costs to make but its all well worth it). We have it over thai rice with peas & sweetcorn in spring onions & cheese on top with guacamole, frijolemole, tomato & coriander salsa & tortilla chips on the side. The kids LOVE it when it "CHILLI FRIDAY!"

          1. Try Googling Jose Andres Sangria. He has white sangrias, red sangrias, even a cava sangria!

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                His cava sangria with Licor 43 is outstanding. I have the recipe somewhere if you'd like to try it.

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                  I found it on Epicurious. Thanks for the recommendation.

              2. One of my favorite taquerias used to offer white port margaritas that were quite popular- regular old margaritas except for the booze.