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Sep 6, 2011 07:30 PM

What to do with a bag of TVP??

I bought it for a chilli last winter, and that's about all I can imagine doing with it, once a year.
I'd love to find a way to use it, and not be wasteful.

Ideas, chowhounders??????

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  1. When I lived in Mexico my "Mexican mom" taught me to make "ceviche de soya". She would boil the TVP to rehydrate it, then drain it thoroughly and mix it with lots of lime juice, red onion, tomato and cilantro. Then, we'd scoop it onto tostadas. It was SO good. (Serve chilled.)

    1. Since it really has no taste,I add it to hot oatmeal, my homemade granola mix, minestrone soup; I even sprinkle on salads for a crunch. Use foe tacos, stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls, but don't feel tied to savory recipes - there are tons of options a it takes on the flavor of whatever you want.

      1. I've used it for taco filling: with all the other toppings and spicing, really can't tell the difference.

        1. Make vegetarian moussaka, or shepherd's pie, enchiladas, or Greek meatballs - just takes a good pounding of spice and flavors. Braggs and garlic are a good start.

          1. wow.... keep the ideas comming. I like the tacos and stuffed cabbage ideas. Shepards pie is a huge project, but interesting too.

            Thinking about if my 3 yr olds would eat it in faux meatballs.....

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              Shepard's pie is as easy as.....you know, pie. Make your mashed potatoes. I like to mix Yukon Golds with a yam or a sweet potato. Saute onion/garlic/parsley/minced zucchini/carrots/tomatoes/mushrooms and whatnot, saute in the tvp, season with Braggs and/or worchestershire, herbs, salt (sparingly if using Braggs). If you did all that in a cast-iron or other oven-proof skillet, then just smooth the potato over the top, score with a fork crossways, and bake 'til goldy. Serve as a ketchup delivery device. It's really very easy and I've fed it to carnivores who loved it.