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The Best Internet Cafes South Broward?

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Hi Chowhounds! I am visiting from Los Angeles where our cafes and work remote spots are bountiful. Not having the best luck here though, besides Starbucks locations that have pretty slow WIFI connections. Do you have any recommendations for good cafes or even restaurants that are good for "work from home" freelancers? I noticed people using WIFI in the lobby of Publix Downtown Ft. Lauderdale which was not something that I ever noticed when I lived here 7 years ago :)

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  1. Maguires, just north of Broward Blvd on Andrews, has free wi-fi, decent food, and great music on weekends. In fact, tonight, there was an impromptu Fantasy Football selection event going on, using the free wi-fi and plentiful Guinness draughts

    1. You might also try Brew in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

      1. Thanks guys! Maguires sounds like it has a lot going on. Brew seems a bit more my speed. I will definitely stop in!