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Sep 6, 2011 06:05 PM

2 questions re Paris restaurant etiquette

Situation 1:
I am not infrequently presented with a complimentary bottle of wine by my hotel when I check in. In Switzerland once I asked if I could use my bottle with dinner in the (hotel-affiliated) restaurant, and, somewhat to my surprise, it was allowed as if it were a common practice. If I took a bottle of wine to a Paris restaurant, or even a provincial French restaurant and asked if I could have it with my meal, would this be considered an affront, strange but unobjectionable, or fairly ordinary? I must say I would not expect this to be accepted, but don't know for sure, which is why I'm asking.

Situation 2:
I will end an upcoming stay in Paris with a Sunday night stay at the CDG airport for an early morning flight out. But I don't want to trade a chance for a Paris dinner for one at the airport. So I have reservations at Mini-Palais, and will head to the airport directly after dinner. I can leave my bags at the hotel, but this would involve an excursion out of my way to retrieve the bag between dinner and the airport. If I were to appear for my reservation with my bag (a single rollaboard) and ask if they could hold it for me during dinner, how would this be seen by the restaurant and/or other diners? I admit I'm more hopeful that this would not be considered an extraordinary request, but I can certainly see how it might be.

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  1. S.1. I think it has been asked before; and the general consensus is that it's a big no-no...

    S.2. I've done it a couple of time at different restaurants in Paris and in general it's ok; they will put it in the cloack-room. just be careful not the leave too much valuable items in the lugage (just in case).


    1. The above reply by Maximilien is correct.
      S1. definitely a big no no
      S2 I've seen quite a few luggages, once at lunch at Pierre Gagnaire

      1. In both cases I would call the restaurant first and inquire. If the bottle is special in some way (though your post suggests that is unlikely) and you are willing to pay a decorking fee, they might say yes.