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Anne Arundel Pit Beef Tour

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Need some help. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I've convinced her to go on a Pit Beef tour of our county. I want to try four different places in the county. My question is...should we buy the sandwiches and try them all at the same time, or should we taste each one at each place while its nice and warm? I am thinking buy a sandwich at each place ( splitting between four) med rare with just tiger sauce. Going to...

Expressway Pit Beef in Odenton (West county and our local place)
Arundel VFD in Davidsonville (Central)
Bayside BBQ in Edgewater (South)
and if time permits...
Beefalo Bobs in Pasadena (North)

I've had three of the four already, but I saw that the VFD was doing pit beef this Saturday and I thought about the Pit Beef Tour.

Any suggestions? (Besides adding Baltimore into the mix)

Beefalo Bob's
107 Mountain Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122

Expressway Pit Beef
8388 Piney Orchard Pkwy, Odenton, MD 21113

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  1. I would vote for eating them on site when they are freshly made and at their best. Can't see much use in trying to make a contest of the sandwiches - enjoy them at their best for what they are. And please take me with you!

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    1. re: Terrie H.

      Well, you may want to have the same stuff on each sandwich too, as well as eat them in your car where you buy em. My go to spots are Express Pit, and Beefalow Bob's on Sunday's!

      You may want to check out the A&W truck on 175 just across the BW Parkway. He makes a nice Pit too. Just tell him you want it Baltimore style: Raw Onion/Horseradish/Mayo. Salt & Pepper is up to you.

      Oh, remember to ask for Medium, or well done [too dry for me]. That medium can be pretty broadly cooked, from just right to well done to still moo ing at some places.

      Now where is the VFW place located?

      1. re: RobertM

        It's Arundel VFD. The station is near the intersection of Bell Branch and 424 in Gambrills MD.

        They normally sell out, so get there early.

    2. Try Jumpers Grill on Ritchie Hwy (where the BJ's is). Pretty good. No fat, juicy and nice flavor.

      1. " (A) My wife thinks I'm crazy, but (B) I've convinced her to go on a Pit Beef tour"

        The two are not mutually exclusive.

        You must eat the sandwiches as fresh as possible. Warm juicy thin slices of beef don't stay that way for long, and reconstituting them will change rare or medium rare to something undesirable.

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          1. re: Steve

            "The two are not mutually exclusive."

            Good point.

          2. At the bottom of the page CH has done a good job of automatically including discussions on Chap's and Pioneer. Then there's also Kirkwood Pit Beef.

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            1. re: GraydonCarter

              I too fell for that crap about Chaps, way back when.
              Pioneer is top notch in my book, otherwise.
              But, off topic both of em.
              They are in Baltimore.

              IMHO Chaps sucks

              1. re: RobertM

                Chaps is a tasteless tourist trap

            2. Not sure if you saw, but no AVFD pit beef this weekend.

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              1. re: odkaty

                Thanks for the update. Water Logged here.

                1. re: odkaty

                  Thanks for the heads up odkaty. I know they had a busy week so I thought that they may cancel. I was able to go anyways, spent the day cleaning up a flooded garage. Do you know how often they do their pit beef?

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                    AVFD will be at the Crofton Craft Fair on Saturday, 9/24. They set up near the entrance to the church. And I hear that is weekend is a possibility -- I'll let you know if I hear anything definite.

                2. Bolen Bull Pen Pit Beef is way out by Eldersburg. Anybody tried it? Sounds like the ribs are their specialty.

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                  1. re: GraydonCarter

                    I have, and have even had them cater a party here at my house in AA county, great sides, nice guy, very professional, and the food is delish!

                  2. FWIW, The Frederick County fair opens this weekend. Several VFD pit beef operations all in the same location! Stupendous.

                    1. Arundel VFD is planning to do pit beef this Saturday (10/1) at the fire house.

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                        Anyone know if there is VFD pit beef this weekend (Columbus Day weekend)? Thanks - it is a rare weekend off for me and I would love to try some good pit beef!

                      2. I can say that Arundel VFD will be doing Pit Beef this Sat, Oct 22nd. However, I cannot say ABSOLUTELY. Unfortunately, due to rain events this year (even the threat of it) , pit beef has been cancelled numerous times. It's all out doors with only a few pop up tents for shelter... so if there is a good chance of rain (and yea, there have been beautiful Saturdays with no pit beef thanks to those weather guys) they call it off 24 hours ahead of time.

                        You can always get last minute info at http://www.arundelfire.com or call the station at 301-261-0060. They will know by 7am if pit beef is on or not.

                        And yes.. awesome pit beef! They also have pit turkey and ham for those who don't like beef. 11 am is about the very best time to get there for that wonderful and coveted medium rare sandwich. Soda and chips available as well. And bring the kids! The members are always happy to show them around the Fire Trucks. And it's a nice stop before Renn Faire if that is your destination! AVFD is about 1/4 mile past the 450/424 intersection on 424.

                        1. Here is a suggestion. Take a cooler on your tour. Buy two sandwiches at each place. Eat one at each location right off the grill and review it. Pack the other one in the cooler (because cooler can keep things hot too) and return home and if possible eat all of them together. Review again. Perhaps you will notice difference. I know several people who go to the Arundel VFD Pit Beef on Saturdays and buy enough sandwiches for their entire weekend because they are so good. Hope this helps with your tour.

                          1. Just saw an article in the Sun the other day a new BBQ place called Mission BBQ. It's on Ritchie Hwy near 5th Ave. Haven't had a chance to go there yet, but it looks yummy.

                            Mission BBQ
                            7748 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

                            1. Stopped for lunch at Expressway last week and was very happy with the decision.

                              The pit beef sandwich was medium rare as requested, and although the requested onions and horseradish were a little skimpy it was a great sandwich. Very tender. Accompanying fries were fine, but nothing special.

                              Unfortunately my wifes pulled pork sandwich was a sad affair typical of local "BBQ." No discernable smoke flavor, just pulled meat in sauce that rendered the whole an unsettling pinkish orange.

                              They have a pretty extensive menu but I'd stick to the beef. The staff working the window were great. Very friendly and service was quick.

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                              1. re: laststandchili

                                Glad you liked their pit beef....and they are really nice people. Even when you get the teenage kids working there they are always nice. I agree that most of the other stuff is just ok, although my daughter loves their wings. I would suggest next time getting a half smoke along with your pit beef. They do a pretty good half smoke....green peppers and onions....

                                1. re: cb1

                                  The half smokes were the only other item on the menu that peaked my interest. Next time I'll go with a pit beef and half smoke and skip the fries.

                              2. Stopped at Beefalo Bobs Friday evening for dinner. I always forget how great this place is between visits. Spectacular pit beef (large sandwich, Tiger, and onions), very good fries (double fried when ordered), and the wings I ordered for my wife were decent. The only drawback is the clientele. While I waited for my order another gentleman dropped his crack on the floor while digging in his pocket for change for the soda machine.

                                They apparently have a sit down location on Ft. Smallwood road. I'm going to have to find that. Eating in the parking lot at the take out location on Mt. Road is a little nerve racking as you try to enjoy your meal while keeping an eye on the shirtless, badly inked, loiterers milling about.

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                                1. re: laststandchili

                                  Wow, are they still open on Sunday's?
                                  If so what are their hours.

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                                    There's no doubt in my mind that Beefalo Bob's is the best. However, I understand that the Ft Smallwood Rd location uses a different smoker, so I assume the pit beef is a bit less spectacular. If you go, I'd be curious to hear how they compare.

                                    1. re: baltoellen

                                      Oh, now I have to go. In the interest of science and all.

                                      The pit at the take out location definitely has seen a lot of use over the years.