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Sep 6, 2011 04:58 PM

guu sakabar menu reduction

Went last Friday and the menu was stripped of quite a few items, especially sushi related stuff off the specials menu. Lots of empty squares as you can see.

I didn't see the usual sushi chef manning his station. I'm guessing his departure coincides with the loss of items like the mackerel oshizushi. If that is the case, then this makes me a sad panda bear.

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  1. I noticed that too -- wanted to have sushi when I went last (last, last Sunday, I think?). Udon carbonara's still there ... !

    1. This bums me out to no end. That guy's sushi was really on par with the top in the city. He's working on the hot item side now. The Oshizushi will be making appearances on the special menu however it's frequency on that menu is uncertain.

      On a different note they have a sake called Mukune from Daimon Shuzo in right now. Till it runs out I guess? Daimon is a great brewery and super friendly to Sake enthusiasts around the world.

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      1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

        I still have yet to see the big eye tuna nigiri special turn up again. It was around the first week of opening, I'm sure you remember.

        Alas, a big loss to me as the oshizushi is a top 10 dish of Toronto for me.

      2. I wonder why they made this decision. The menu change brings the Sakabar's offerings closer in line with the first Toronto Guu, but wasn't one of their initial selling points the fact that Sakabar had a different menu?

        Still, if you go to Sakabar on, say, a Friday or Saturday, their specials (post-menu change) will tend to include sushi, sashimi and raw oysters, aka the items I choose to build my meal around.

        1. All the Guus in Vancouver have different menus, why can't they follow that same model here? They took a lot of good stuff off the Saka Bar menu. I am sad the zushi is no longer on the menu

          1. I agree - went there recently and was disappointed to see they took the sushi off the menu :(

            Then a few days later I went to the Guu on Church (it had been awhile as the Sakabar became my new go-to Guu spot) and must say the Guu on Church definitely has the bigger and better menu now.

            398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

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            1. re: onehaehyuk

              Any update if Sakabar has sushi items again? Or if church does?

              1. re: szw

                last time I went the oshizushi was on the speicals menu. It tasted a bit different though, there is now a tart sauce drizzled on top, and less acidity in the rice.

                Not as good as before, but still pretty good.