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Taqueria in Seattle?

I ate at a fantastic taqueria in Auburn last week (Riconsita? Riconsito?) and would love to find some place just like this in Seattle. I've Yelped, Googled and Chowed but can't seem to find anything like it around Seattle. I live in Greenlake/Wallingford area so maybe along Aurora somewhere?
Specificaly I'm looking for the roasted chicken (Pollo Asado is what they call it in AZ and at the place in Auburn) that you take off the bone and roll in the tortillas.

Thanks for any direction you can give!

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  1. I can get you a little closer to Seattle... El Paisano in White Center.

    1. Your best bet is a taco truck. The brick-and-mortar restaurants tend to generally be for Gabachos served by gente de la Raza. Since the gabachos here are generally from the British-German-Scandinavian mild-food culture group, the accommodation can be weird!

      Not necessarily though. Corona beer is a German product, brought about when German immigrants to Mexico taught Mexican brewers to make beer.

      The rubber tire-and-diesel engine restaurants, on the other hand, serve people who come here and go to the trucks looking for Mama's home cooking.

      1. Places you could try up north are El Camion (Aurora and 117th or 15th NW and 54th) and Taqueria El Sabor (Aurora south of 155th). I can't personally vouch for the exact preparation you're looking for, but they are worth a visit even if you end up with something slightly different.

        You could always cheat and drive to the Bellevue Taqueria El Rinconsito, which is very close to 520. It's in the strip mall at 140th & 24th.

        Taqueria El Sabor
        15221 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

        1. Check out Barracuda on Denny

          Tacos Chukis on Capitol Hill might also fit the bill

          1. Taqueria La Estacion has my favorite pollo asado in town - they grill it over wood charcoal under an overhang outside the restaurant, rain or shine. Good luck finding a taco truck doing that.

            Unfortunately, it's in Burien not Seattle. That's a lot closer than Auburn at least - basically it's a hair northwest of SeaTac airport. It's close enough I drive there with my family a couple of times a month for a weekend lunch.

            Taqueria La Estacion
            14820 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien, WA 98166

            1. There's a taco truck in Wallingford next to Winchell's. Pretty hit and miss, but can be very well done when you go at the right time.

              Taqueria El Sabor or the one across from the orange apron store on Aurora (El Camion?) should be good.

              My personal favorites are El Asadero on Rainier just south of the ID and La Estacion in Burien.

              And as mentioned, there is a Taqueria el rinconsito in Bellevue. For those out that way, there's a new one by the Bel Red auto shops called El Chilango - haven't tried it yet but from the name I guess they do DF style.

              Taqueria El Sabor
              15221 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

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                By chance, I was dragged by coworkers to do taco truck today. So I suggested we try out El Chilango - I think I've found my "best" eastside truck. It's on 130th close to 20th in Bellevue. Good flavors. Good ingredients. They even try to go a bit upscale and have a guy taking orders out front so you're not craning your neck and yelling into the truck. Their menu seems very limited at first glance, but upon request they were able to provide the more interesting meats other than just the ones advertised.

                I would now go here over Guadalajara or Rinconsito when on the eastside.

              2. There's also a Rinconcito on 99 just north of Seatac (the airport, not the city) -- very useful when getting in late from a flight. Most similar in Seattle? Maybe Taqueria Tequila on 85th? I mostly stick with the trucks (Asadero, El Camion).

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                  In case you haven't been there recently, that Rinconcito moved--it used to be on the east side of 99 at 144th, but now it's in a strip mall a few blocks south, on the west side of 99 at 154th. It's in a strip mall with a Quiznos and an Indian restaurant. Just north of Hwy 518 and kitty-corner from the Tukwila Light Rail station.

                  Personally, if I were that close, I would go on over to Burien and go to La Estacion--but I live nearby and know the area. If you don't want to venture off into the uncharted wilds of the south end, Rinconcito is probably safer.

                2. Tacos El Asadero

                  Excellent in every way. Their carnitas are usually top notch, but always at least good (better than 99% of the other places I've tried). The ceviche is excellent as well.

                  Tacos El Asadero
                  4200 S Othello St, Seattle, WA 98118