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Sep 6, 2011 02:31 PM

How to use leftover, flat ginger ale?

So some visitors were here this weekend and left us with about two-thirds of a 2-liter bottle of ginger ale. We don't really drink soda, but we don't like to waste things either, so I'm looking for ideas on how to use it. The ginger ale appears to be flat, or mostly flat.

And yes, I know about drinking it when you get the stomach flu. Here's hoping we don't!

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  1. Boil a raw ham in it then glaze in the oven with ginger jam mixed with brown sugar & dijon mustard.

    1. Poaching pears in gingerale is lovely and doesn't require any carbonation.

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        This sounds great and we just got a big bag of pears from someone's tree. Would you mind explaining how to do it?

        1. re: LovinYankeeBarbecue

          The pears can really be prepared however you like them -- definitely peel them, but whether you slice them into halves, slices, core them or not is totally optional. Obviously, the smaller pieces you make, the shorter the poaching time.

          I honestly just submerge my pears in the liquid and boil. You want to keep them submerged, so depending on how much gingerale you have, you may want to add water, and depending on how much water you add, you may want to add sugar, but all of it is to taste (sorry!) The pears are ready when a fork slides easily into them.

          My favorite way to serve these slightly sweet poached pears is "belle helene," or with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, a shockingly good combination, but the pears are good alone too.

          I'm sure others add other things to their poaching liquids, but mostly when I've used gingerale I haven't added anything to it.

      2. You could probably use it (with sugar and fresh ginger) to make candied ginger. I've seen a few recipes that call for 7UP, but presumably ginger ale would work.

        1. use it for liquid in pot roast.

          1. Shake with rum and fresh lime; strain and serve.