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Sep 6, 2011 02:30 PM

First Date with a Foodie

I've got a first date with a foodie coming up with weekend. He's from out of town so I've got to choose a spot with great atmosphere and food. He's staying in the area of Bathurst/Wellington and I'm in High Park so I'd like something between the two areas. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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  1. Given where he's staying, I would strongly recommend Marben. It's right where he's staying, so it's not half way between you, but it's a great chowhound destination for dinner.

    488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Marben's doing TIFF this weekend though:
      Might get busy?

      488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

      1. re: jennjen18

        Yeah, totally forgot about TIFF. Sigh.

    2. Where is he from? Do you know his fav type of food?

      1. Origin - king and church -should be on your to do list - your friend will thank you, I've eaten there five times and each time i can't wait to go back - hope this helps.

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          it doesn't fit the location request and it gets lots of mixed reviews here and elsewhere. there are so many options in the OPs requested area why send s/he off a distance in the opposite direction?

        2. He's from Ottawa and no, I don't know his fave type of food. I do know that there are no restrictions though. Thanks for the ideas so far!

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            Some options for consideration....

            Woodlot - Very warm and inviting. Good food, cozy enviroment and very foofie friendly.

            Acadia - Is new but getting lots of love on the board. It too is in the College street area.

            Campagnolo - Very cool rustic Italian with a heavy focus on meat. This is on Dundas west of Bathrust

            If you want casual Italian I would suggest pizza at Libretto. They dont' take reso so you go give them your name and number and then go have a drink at one of the many places on Osstington.

            832 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON , CA

          2. Black Hoof is more or less halfway for both of you and is about as destination as it gets. Yes, even with Grant gone.