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Sep 6, 2011 02:23 PM


Going to Sable Thursday night. Any must haves?

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  1. I was there over the weekend. It was the perfect place for a late night after-the-movie great cocktail and exceptional bar food. I wouldn't miss the truffle deviled eggs or the veggie burger sliders. The graham cracker crusted calamari was good, but not killer. We found the much vaunted corn creme brulee to be just creamed corn with a nice brulee crust. meh.

    As for drinks, Sable has a maybe 8-page beverage menu with everything you can imagine. The waiter can help with what appeals to you.

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      Eggs for sure, and agree about the veggie sliders. Was there a few nights ago and had a lovely meal at table outside (could not get a res but worked out well). This was my second visit. I still think it's a great place if you want to sample a lot of different things.

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        I was there over the weekend as well. Was extremely excited for the meal but it didn't live up to expectations unfortunately with the most awkward service I have ever experienced at a restaurant of that price point.

        The server was so uncomfortable with us and had so many miscues it really made the meal awkward and difficult to enjoy (i.e. clearing the menus after our group of 4 ordered 3 small starters which we said were just to start us out - I said we'd like to keep them and he goes "oh I guess I can leave one", bad cocktail recs, drinking wine with a nearby table chatting while we had been waiting quite awhile to order dessert, etc, etc.). I understand a few miscues and wanting to enjoy a sip of good wine a table offers you but that cannot in any way impede the service you give to other tables and unfortunately it was just too many little things wrong. The cocktails also took a significant amount of time - not the server's fault as they were very busy but it was a Saturday night so you would think Sable would have staffed appropriately behind the bar.

        I would like to go back to give it another try as the food was all good to very good and I know it comes highly recommended by others but when we only go out to dinners in that price range 2-3 times a month we might need to keep it out of the rotation to go back to favorite spots and try new places as well.

        Highlights of the meal included veal meatballs and the bison sliders. Mussels were executed well, pretzel with cheese sauce was very good but nothing extraordinary, deviled eggs barely had any truffle taste in our order. Nothing "wowed" me. Perhaps it was the ordering - with 4 of us the ordering was less adventurous than I would do with just my SO and myself. Did love the format of ordering so many small plates as we got to try so many items however.

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          I've been saying for some time that Sable is a great bar for a drink and a snack, but not a meal. I haven't understood all the raving on this board about it. I have found the cocktails to be excellent and the food good, but not mind-blowing. I have not encountered the same spotty service you had (the waiter was drinking wine with another table!), although there were times - also Saturday night - when it was hard to get our server's attention. I wonder if we had the same waiter. Anyway, sorry you had a bad experience,

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            I was there Saturday night as well - back room. I understand a customer buying an expensive bottle of wine and offering a server a sip to be nice but when I served tables I would never drink it in front of other customers and instead tell the customer I would have to enjoy after the shift in the back.

            The cocktails once we did get them were awesome though so I will probably be swinging by the bar again for drinks and maybe trying a couple different items on the menu to see if they can get back on the rotation!

      2. Been twice in the last couple of months. I wouldn't miss the truffled deviled eggs, sweet corn creme brulee or the buffalo sliders. Lots of good things there.

        1. I agree- we've been to Sable several times since but it took several visits to find food that we really like and I don't consider the food to be "wow" food either, but it's convenient and we've found a few things we like. We've also had spotty service too but mostly go for the cocktails and a few bites. We really like the cheese curds, bison sliders and sausage flatbread.

          1. I'm a frequent Sable diner since I find the food and service really enjoyable and the cocktails a treat. Favorite dishes include the deviled eggs, bacon jam, pork belly flatbread, warm olives and so many of the desserts!

            I've always had great service - friendly, knowledgeable and well paced. There's a cozy, welcoming style to Sable that I really enjoy as have my business and family guests - this is a spot for just enjoying.

            1. I've also become a frequent diner at Sable. I ate there a couple of weeks ago and the food was fantastic, with one wonderfully delicious dish after another. It was one of the very best dinners I've had in the past year. Standout dishes included the corned beef reuben strudel, the pistachio duck sausage, the orange-buttermilk panna cotta, and of course the sweet corn creme brulee. As for the service, I've had several different servers and they've always been excellent, friendly as well as knowledgeable and helpful.

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                After reading the positive reviews of Sable I made it a point to take my wife there Sunday, August 19, 2012 to start off our 45th anniversary week celebration. First, I can understand the difference between eating at a venue like Sable on a Sunday night versus Friday or Saturday. It has to be a totally different (and in my opinion more favorable) experience. One of our servers commented to us that the night before you had trouble merely navigating the room there were so many people. On Sunday night the dining areas never filled up and as a result the service was GREAT. The servers could not do enough for us and there was no waiting for any of the dishes or water or coffee or whatever.

                My take on this restaurant is that I wish more restaurants were offering smaller dishes, tapas dishes with American food. It was like attending a great appetizer buffet or tasting menu. We ordered the smaller portions of most items which were the ones which offered the smaller portions and loved every morsel, so much so that my wife and I agreed that we would venture into the city on Sunday nights to go back to this restaurant often.

                The dishes - we started with the deviled eggs: truffle oil, black s trumpet mushrooms - great with enough truffle taste to make us very happy.

                Next, small order of fried locinato kale chips - exceeding yummy until near the bottom of the dish where the kale became sorry from oil. Still delicious.

                Tuna tartar tostadas - spicy tomato sauce; meyer lemon crema - tasted like tuna ceviche which we love.

                Their signature dish - Short rib sliders, root beer glaze, crispy onions. Incredibly yummy. The root beer taste was noticeable; a really delicious dish.

                Sweet corn creme brulee - outstanding. My wife almost feinted with happiness and she does not normally rave about dishes.

                Dessert was a special for the evening which was a lemon cake with all sorts of goodies. I did not take the specials menu so I cannot fully describe this dish but I will say that it was a fine ending to a fine dinner.

                By now some readers may have noticed that I have not mentioned the cocktails, wine etc. A $13.00 cocktails can add considerably to a bill and we are not drinkers except for wine. I would have liked to have brought a wine from my cellar but the $25.00 per bottle cost mitigated against it for the evening. That being said we had a sensational meal for $65.00 plus tip. I was shocked, expecting to pay at least $100.00. And we were stuffed! The next time we visit this wonderful restaurant we would like to come with another couple or two so that we can increase the number of dishes to taste. This type of dining really appeals to me now that my eating habits have changed and I enjoy eating less for dinners and I don't care if I don't bring home a doggy bag of leftovers. One piece of each of the half orders was enough especially due to the richness of some of these dishes.

                My advice - for the best dining experience avoid Friday and Saturday nights when things get crazy. Great restaurant for vegetarians, not so good for fish lovers as the tuna was the only fish on the menu and it was raw. Seafoods yes, fish no. Enjoy!

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                  Thanks for the update; glad you had a nice time at Sable. I have been meaning to dine there, but have not got around to it as of yet. Definitely will make it at some point this year.

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                    Thanks for your report! It's another reminder for me to return, since I've always thoroughly enjoyed everything I've had there. And yes, the food price is shockingly low - not the main reason to go there, but always a pleasant surprise.