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Sep 6, 2011 02:01 PM

Soul Food at the Grocery Store

What's a grocery store in DC that will carry collard greens, ham hocks, ect. My sister wants to make some stuff, but doesn't know where to go. She also doesn't have a car, so if it's near a metro stop that's even better.


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  1. The Giant by the Rhode Island Avenue metro or the one near Columbia Heights metro (or just about any Giant for that matter) would have collards and ham hocks. The Rhode Island Avenue store even have a "soul food" oriented hot bar, which is not bad, considering it's a grocery store.

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    1. re: Jay

      Thanks. She's excited because she does most of her shopping at a Giant.

        1. re: agarnett100

          CityVista Safeway also carries all this, as an extra option for convenience.

    2. I would go to Eastern Market. The greengrocers there will have collards, and towards the southern end (Near the bakery) you'll find a vendor that sells smoked hocks but also smoked turkey necks and wings. you can also buy hot smokes and lots of other sausages there as well as salt pork, Tasso ham, and generally pork in all its guises

      1. Although not technically a grocery store, I think your sister might also enjoy checking out the Florida Ave Market.