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Sep 6, 2011 01:47 PM

Mexican in Oakridge area? YYC

We just moved near Glenmore Landing and a friend said they'd heard of a Mexican resto int he Oakridge area... anyone with more details?
PS I heard from a Mexican chap that Las Palmas in Red Deer is supplied to be great

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  1. I think your friend is referring to Mi Tierra at 10015 Oakfield Dr SW

    They also have another location called Tu Tierra at 8316 Fairmount Drive SE.

    If you do a search on either of those on Chowhound, you'll see the reviews. I've only been to Tu Tierra and think it's great. My husband is a fan of Tex-Mex, but has become a little more adventurous lately and raves about the food there.

    Mi Tierra
    10015 Oakfield Dr SW, Calgary, AB T2V, CA

    Tu Tierra Restaurant
    8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

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      the original location at 10015 Oakfield Dr SW has closed.