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Sep 6, 2011 01:45 PM

A tale of two pizza places

So last week was my son's birthday, he is five, and a very picky eater (as many five year olds are), one thing he does eat and love is pizza. So we decided to take him to The Dogwood in JP, as his love of pizza and only pizza makes picking places to eat hard to do, as the wife and I are kind of getting a little sick of pizza by this time, so we wanted someplace that had other things on their menu, as well as pizza for the kiddo.
We order our apps, and my sons pie, and request that the pizza come out first, with our apps (most places know to serve children first, or at least any restaraunt I have worked at did), 10 minutes later out comes our apps, and no pizza! My little guy (as they have no filter at this age) blurts out "where's the pizza??!!??", and our server informs us that the pizza guy just put it in the oven now, and should only be 10 or 12 minutes out.....WTF? On top of that, while the apps were good (friend calamari, RI style, cooked to tender crispiness, no complaints there, and their broccoli cheddar poppers), both my wifes entree and mine were really subpar (I barely touched mine), I had the gorgonzola and chicken pasta and to be honest I forget what my wife got, but do know she didn't like it. In the end, the bill was almost $100!!! I paid it, and tipped, but I won't be coming back, I felt ripped off. On top of that, due to the rush job on the clearly forgotten kids pizza, it was undercooked and the little man didn't eat it. Total bummer.
Flash forward to the end of the week, and we are taking him out again with his grandparents. We decide to meet someplace in between where we both live, us in Roslindale, them in I decided we meet at the Venetian in Weymouth (I grew up in Weymouth, and we would go here often in the 70's, and the pizza is a very fond memory of my own childhood). What a different dining experience this was.
The Venetian, for those who don't know, is not some place that's trying to be fancy, or put on's just old school red sauce italian and pizza (think The Pleasant in Rozzie), and boy was it good. we got two apps (fried ravioli, just ok, and their antipasto...which is just a really nice green salad with some colecuts and peperoncini...nothing too fancy, but just good) . We got two large pizzas, one cheese one mushroom pepper and onion, and 2 drinks (beer, wine, ice tea) per adult and a root beer for the boy, and the bill didn't even crack $80!!!!
Bottom line, I don't think I like the Dogwood anymore, and think it's time I added the Venetian back into my rotation....a real blast from the past!

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  1. " (most places know to serve children first, or at least any restaraunt I have worked at did)"

    Not to get off topic but I absolutely cannot stand when restaurants serve my little ones (4 and 1 and a 1/2 years old) first without asking. I have found that what ends up happening is the kids eat their food and are done before the adult food even arrives to the table. Then the kids are sitting around waiting for the adults to get their food and eat which never ends well. The kids are going to have to wait around no matter when their food arrives and it usually works out much better if they wait along with everyone else instead of waiting while I am trying to enjoy my own food.

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    1. re: Gordough

      To each their own Gordough, but note that I did request the pizza be served with our apps. The pizza came AFTER we got our entree's, it's just not how it's done, no matter what your preference is. Your kids sound like they don't get like mine does when he is hungry......despite his picky eating habits (or because of it?) he gets absolutely crazy when he's hungry. Besides, my little man can make a slice of pizza last 45 minutes......slow eater, like his mother.

      1. re: Gordough

        I agree with Gordough 100% on this topic. No excuse for the mistake in devilham's situation, but I am very annoyed when my kid's food is brought out prior to the grown-ups. Then the grown-ups never get to eat.

        1. re: Albie

          Steps on the Contrarian soapbox.

          I'd much rather have my kids bored and fed, than hungry and antsy.

          1. re: okra

            it's hardly contrarian when it agrees with my original point.....and I stand by what I said, it's what's done in the food service make sure the kids get fed if not first, at least some food comes out when the parents food comes out (which again did NOT happen), I mean did anyone read my original post???

      2. Ah, the Venetian. Spent many a Saturday night there, in the '70's, eating pizza. I will have to try it again. I took my husband there as part of a nostalgic tour of my youth, many yrs ago, and it was not good. Glad to hear it's back!

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        1. re: CookieLee

          I thought the pizza was as I remembered it as a child.....maybe not the best on the south shore, but pretty good.....better than the Dogwoods....which is sad, because the first time I went to the Dogwood, I got what was pretty close to a perfect's just to inconsistent for me.

        2. Why not jut go to the Pleasant? Or, MJ's for pizza?

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          1. re: trufflehound

            Simple, I was meeting my parents (as mentioned in the original post) at a halfway point between their home on the south shore, and mine in Roslindale. Also, M.J.'s would be a terrible place to have a birthday dinner with your Nana and Papa (his grandparents)! We go to the Pleasant quite often (I love their fried clams!!!), and it's good pizza as well, I was just trying to accomodate my folks.

          2. Thanks for reminding me of the Venetion! I also went there in the 70's and haven't thought about it in years. Too bad about the Dogwood, I can see where that would be frustrating. I don't get there often, but I always like their steak tip pizza with gorgonzola.