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Sep 6, 2011 01:40 PM

NY Chowhound coming to Amsterdam. Need some help please

I will be staying at the Crowne Plaza - City Center. I dont mind taking a taxi or walking for some great food. Would be looking for a few upscale and middle of the road local favs. I am very open to all cuisines but would like to try some local reccomendations.
Cost is not an issue as I will be traveling on business. Let me know if I need to make a reservation and would love some bar or club recos as well.

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  1. Since there is about nothing in the way of rijstaffel (Indonesian specialty) in NY, I'd suggest going to have one dinner at perhaps Samo Seba or another good restaurant that specializes in this. There are so many good places in Amsterdam. We went for a business trip several years ago, and really enjoyed De Witte Oyl, Vis aan de Schelde for fantastic seafood (a shortest taxi ride from center), and Van de Kaart. I'm not sure if the last one is still around, but it was extremely good.

    1. Your question is quite general and hard to answer. You might want to check out my blog for lots of suggestions.

      Going by vicinity to the hotel and bigger budget, I would suggest Blauw aan de Wal. It's a beautiful restaurant in a typical Amsterdam building, smack in the middle of the red light district. The menu is modern international and very well executed. The service professional with character.


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        I'm also a fan of Blauw aan de Wal. My husband always returns when in Amsterdam on business. He also has had nice dinners at Lastage and Ciel Bleu. I do not recommend De Kas. I don't think the food preparation is technically good and the atmosphere is reminiscent of a county club.

      2. Samo Sebo is a boring tourist trap. Good for families as the spicing won't challenge children, but not for the adventurous.

        I haven't been in a couple or so years, so take my rec's for what they're worth. Here's what I recall standing out. All places were found without consultation of any sort other than using my eyes and nose.

        I had an amazing Italian dinner (this after having just left Rome days earlier) at Pulpo. The atmosphere is casually upscale, intimate and relaxed.

        If you want a great burger and a beer (why not?), give Cafe Gruter a whirl. Pub with a decent beer selection and none too shabby wine selection too.

        I found the place a little bizarre, but the food and wine impeccable at Le Garage.

        1. BTW when I posted here for Amsterdam advice, my post was dormant for quite a while. Of course, some boards are more active than others. I found the locals more than happy to offer good advice.

          There was one place that was recommended to me time and time again, and again I remind you this was some time ago so may no longer be valid. Nearly everyone suggested going to Five Flies. I didn't end up going because I have this phobia about dining in castles or haciendas. It may be good though.

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            Five Flies is in a castle or hacienda? That's funny - I've walked by there many many times, and never noticed...

            As for the OP -- more casual options with good food:

            Thaise Snack Bar Bird in the RLD
            Burgermeester (various locations -- REALLY good burgers)
            Singel 404 or Small World Catering for excellent sandwiches
            Puccini Bomboni for outstanding chocolate
            De Beiaard -- great beer

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                Ah, see -- I've never been inside. Thx for the link, googs.

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                  just finishing a week stay in Amsterdam. my favorite restaurant was bistro Neuf. they have a three course meal for 29€. I had a delicious homemade country pate, rabbit with beans- cassoulet style, and choice of dessert even the special that day- which was prune tart with vanilla ic. What a value and the set I e was great- except for the greeter was a bit gruff. There were choices for every course. You definitely need a reservation. other favorites include Balthzar Kuchen, the Algerian place in Westerpark., Pont 13 .