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Sep 6, 2011 01:12 PM

Need Orlando good eats

i will be in Orlando, staying at the Holiday Inn and Suites on Kirkman in 2 weeks. i will be without a car for most of the nights i am there, but will cab it to avoid having to eat at a chain (which is what it appears i am surrounded by). i am looking for suggestions of good food (i eat everything), a good vibe (not fancy, but not necessarily Hawaiian shirts and flips), and maybe a good happy hour as well. of course these all don't have to met with one place; ill have 4 nights to cover dinner. Oh and ill need a place to watch MNF. thanks all!

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  1. Might want to try Millers Ale House for MNF. I believe its close to your hotel. As for other suggestions you might want to search the boards for Universal/I-drive topics....plenty of suggestions there.

    1. yosemite sam had a post about a good burger joint that sounds like its right near where u are staying...

      1. Some good options in your area (taxi distance)

        MNF - I'd go with Miller's Ale House, but if you don't mind a 10 minute taxi trip BJ's Brewhouse by the Mall at Millenia has better food, microbrews, and great TV coverage

        Seriously cheap eats - Junior's Colombian Burger (some love it some hate it), Kona Dog (formerly Hula Dog), Bubbalou's Bodacious BBQ, Mexican hole-in-wall right behind Carrabba's (no sign so no idea of the name)

        Good ethnic options - Pio Pio, Nile Ethiopian, Beewon Korean, Red Bamboo Thai, Hanamizuki, Memories of India

        Group meals - Cafe Tu Tu Tango, Crave

        Upscale pig outs - Matteo's, Texas de Brazil

        In Universal - Tchoup Chop (at Royal Pacific hotel)

        I left out the Restaurant Row options as I think that's a little far to taxi, but if not places I recommend there: Cedar's, Anatolia, Dragonfly, Press 101, La Rouge, Nagoya

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          i just mention his name and he appears....
          or do i have to say it 3 times like beetlejuice Sam??

        2. Following up Sam's recommendations, I thought Agave Azul on Kirkman and Conroy was solid upscale Mexican. It didn't blow me away, but it was certainly good enough to recommend to someone staying in that area.

          Nile Ethiopian on I-Drive is AWESOME, and even though it's a chain, I've always been fond of the burgers and onion rings at Fuddruckers (in Festival Bay Mall).

          Sam also mentioned Texas de Brazil, right across the street from Festival Bay on I-Drive, and it's a real decadent treat if you're a serious carnivore -- all you can eat grilled meats and a fancy-schmancy salad bar. It's not cheap for dinner (around $45), but they have a Friday lunch special for closer to $25 if you can time it right to make it to that.

          Beyond that, I'm not much help for that side of town.

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            i agree with TDB being a nice carnivore splurge ...some of the meats are pretty good ...