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where to buy mutton in the east bay or greater bay area

i'm looking for butcher that carries mutton. i'm in the east bay so that would be preferable but i'm willing to drive anywhere in the bay area really. thanks

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    1. re: wolfe

      awesome. thanks. i've been wanting to try some kentucky style smoked mutton for a while now.

    2. marins sun farms can't get it right now. is anyone familiar with any of the halal butchers in the east bay?

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        oasis in Oakland usually has goat & lamb. haven't seen mutton.

      2. Try Nature's Bounty ranch in Vacaville.


        1. I'll second Oasis as a good place to call.
          Also try Wayland's Meat In the Oakland Dimond area. I've heard other customers telling him how well the whole pig or lamb fed their party, so he does special orders.

          Wayland's Meat
          3421 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland, CA 94602

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          1. re: Kayde

            Wayland's is where i usually go but for some reason i just assumed he wouldn't have it as all the fancy specialty places didn't. i'll give him a call today and if not i'll try Oasis.

            1. re: hawkhandler

              Indus Foods in Berkeley, on San Pablo Ave nr. University, is another halal meat shop. Do you have a particular size of animal in mind ? -- what some meat cutters call lamb might be close to what you want, if no one has mutton.

              1. re: moto

                I agree with moto -- I wouldn't use the word "mutton" just describe the kind of meat you want. And Indus is another great place.

          2. Looking for a butcher that sells mutton.

            I don't find any recent local sightings here or elsewhere except on the menus at Indian / Pakistani and Chinese restaurants. That suggests there could be some meat wholesalers in the area who have it, on the other hand the restaurants could just be substituting lamb. I'll go by Indus and Oasis and ask.

            Marin Sun Farms says, "We don’t currently have any mutton, nor do we have any in the pipeline for the near future."

            Nature's Bounty's Web site lists only lamb, goat, beef, and chicken.

            GrowKitchen in Sebastopol is having a mutton workshop presented by a butcher from the Santa Rosa Whole Foods, but I contacted them and they can't get me any.


            1. I love a nice mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich where the mutton is really lean.

              1. Last weekend I asked the butcher at Indus if he could order me some mutton to pick up today but he doesn't speak much English. Apparently he thought I wanted a whole lamb.

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                1. Skyelark Ranch has mutton at the Jack London Square Farmers' Market today.

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                      I got some mutton chops and they were very good. I asked them to cut me a nice roast the next time they butchered one but am still waiting to hear.

                    2. richmond halal market on san pablo ave, a little south of casino at san pablo dam road. goat lamb deliver every week

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                        Finding goat and lamb is easy. Finding mutton verges on impossible.