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Sep 6, 2011 12:16 PM

Lunch Reservations?

My wife and I are visiting Paris in late September. We have one reservation for dinner (Taillevent), but would like to keep our itinterary a bit loose so that we an enjoy the city as it comes to us.

I've created a map of the restaurants that have caught our eye in our research...Frenchie, Spring, Agape, Ze, Pottoka, L'Antre Amis, Sola, Kei...placed like that. The idea is to pop into one when we're in the neighborhood and it's time to eat, particuarly at the lunch hour.

My question is: will we be able to walk in and have *lunch* at places like this without reservations?


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  1. Very very unlikely at Frenchie or Spring. I'm not familiar with your other choices but in general, restaurants with excellent food will have a large number of people who know the food is great and you will need reservations. Better to make them and then cancel if your plans change then find yourself disappointed again and again and having to eat wherever you can manage to get a table as opposed to where you'd really like to.