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Sep 6, 2011 12:10 PM

more take out for RH and idea needed

Last year we ordered from Max and David's for the holidays. Made my life much easier and the food was fabulous! Life hasgotten even crazier here this year and since we really have no family to go to I want to order out again so i can be sure we ahve a great meal. Sadly M and D is doing a not as wonderful menue this year ( I am bummed) so I am looking for other choices. So far I have found this: is offering their "family meals" that they offer year round and which we hope to try this week. (I promise a report later!)

Main Line kosher has an extensive menue :
It looks really good and it may be where we get the food.

I am looking for other suggestions if anyone has any. I lve near the
KoP mall but we will go to Philly if we must to pick up. Delivery is a plus:)

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  1. Call Max and David's, I'm sure they could make anything on their regular menu for you too.

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      I know that/ Last year they had wonderful packages which made it so easy (except when it came to picking an entree - too many good ons:) Right now I need easy.