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Sep 6, 2011 10:58 AM

YEG - Can someone help with restaurant name and thoughts??

Maybe two months ago hubby and I ventured out to the WE of Edmonton for a cruise and ended up at a restaurant that now serves a lot of mexican food - especially tacos - they even have an evening special for cheap tacos. Do you think I can remember the name??? They are somewhere like 149 Street and 107 Avenue or 142 Street maybe??? The food was actually quite good - the menu is very eclectic - fish and chips, lots of mexican options, burgers etc. We really would like to know more about the place - darn memory is failing me. It's in a strip mall and the location has been there forever - I am assuming it's a reinvention of something else. They have latin dance lessons on weekends I remember.

Anyway - anyone else have anything good or bad to say about the place - I would like to take a group of family and friends there - but some are picky eaters and one is definitely a food snob.

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  1. Acajutla or Mexico LIndo? I don't think either sells burgers though.

    1. Those don't sound right. This place I think used to be a semi-popular bar/nightclub. It's right by that old run down hotel on the corner. Maybe it's 111 Avenue not 107 now that I'm thinking of it. Whatever runs right by Westmount center and the Space Science Centre. I think I get confused because I don't know that area well and that road turns into Mayfield Road at some point west of 156. That will probably help if I know exactly where it is!!

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        I can't think of where you are talking about. Which hotel? Any other landmarks? I assume you mean east of Mayfield Road. Do you also mean east of the McDonald's? East of the vietnamese place on 111 Ave?

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          Beside the Mayfield Inn, in the strip mall, there's Mexico Lindo. However, it's more like 166th St off Mayfield Rd.

      2. Nope it's not near the Mayfield. When hubby and I were trying to decide where to have dinner on Saturday night I suggested this place by saying "you remember the strange restaurant that is also a bar that had latin dancing lessons the night we were there" and he suggested we go to Pappa's on the far east end. Then a few minutes later he said "we could go to Tumbleweeds" and I found out he meant the same place I did. Is it possible that this place is the old Tumbleweeds? Not sure - I'm thinking I'm going to have to suck it up and drive over there as it's driving me nuts trying to figure this out!

        1. UPDATE - I just used Google maps street view and found out this place used to be called Jimmy Ray's Sports Bar and Lounge - it's on 152 Street and 111 Avenue. Unfortunately that's not what it is now - but does that help someone remember the new name?