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Tall order - 18 for lunch around McGill

I need to find a place that can take 18 people for a group lunch next week. Closer to McGill the better. Somewhere in the range of 20 per person would be ideal but a bit higher or lower would be okay. Any kind of food is acceptable so long as it's 'good'. Last time we went to Le Taj and I would like to avoid anything of that quality or below this time around.


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  1. Newtown has a good lunch table d'hote and could seat 18 for lunch with a reservation.

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      Thanks for the suggestion but I looked into it and it seems to be quite a bit pricier than my range allows. With an entree, main course, tip, tax, we're looking at close to $50 pp. Any other suggestions?

    2. Just had lunch at Hakata Ramen on Stanley, just south of Ste-Catherine. Thought it was decent, not amazing, and I liked the variety of dishes they offered including various kinds of ramen soups, omurice, Japanese curry, and seafood dishes like oyster tempura. We were there for an early lunch so it was sparse but started getting more crowded as the lunch hour grew on, and they could definitely accommodate 18 people. They have a lunch special that comes with your choice of soup or salad, deep-fried tofu with bonito flakes, and your choice of about 6 mains (mostly ramen soups). I really liked the tofu, the miso soup was decent, and the ramen was decent too. Prices were about $10.95 for the lunch special.

      Not sure what else to suggest since food options around McGill stink. I think it's better to go west to Concordia and Chinatown 2.

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        Believe me, I would love to go that far to get to Chinatown 2. Believe it or not, this is too far for this group. I know, right?

      2. Might be too expensive- table d hote at decca 77 is 23 (excellent last time I went for lunch special), la coupole is the same I believe.

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          I would LOVE to take this suggestion but the price is now 25$ and only for groups less than 10 people apparently. Codswallop!

        2. If it's in the range for you guys, St-Denis/ Duluth has many BYOB and my favorite is Lombardi.
          It's an italian style restaurant but has sea food and grilled meats as a choice
          in the range of $10$ to $30 per person

          Lombardi Restaurant
          411 Av Duluth E, Montreal, QC H2L1A4, CA

          1. A bit west at Sherbrooke and Guy is Fino Gourmand. Quite large and could definitely accommodate a group of 18. Maybe even on the terrasse if its nice out. The food is really good. I have only been for supper but noted they offer a nice selection of gourmet pizzas only at lunch time. Unfortunately the lunch menu is not on the website and the supper menu isn't exactly current so you may want to go and check out the lunch menu to have a more accurate idea of whats available and costs but there are several really yummy supper menu items under or close to $20. I can vouch for the deliciousness of the short rib, gnocchi with meatballs, burger, arugula salad and calamari.


            1. Awesome suggestions! I have a few more days before I have to reserve so keep them coming please! Some of the places suggested might be a bit too far (I have some lazies in my lab) and I have to accommodate at least one vegetarian (no comment).

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                How about Le Grand Comptoir ? - 2 blocks from McGill and some solid french mid-priced fair..

                Le Grand Comptoir
                1225 Rue Du Square-Phillips, Montreal, QC H3B3E9, CA

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                  That is a great suggestion. I will propose this to the group. Thanks!

              2. Whenever we are over by McGill, it's La Patisserie Belge for sandwiches and pastry. Best lunch I get all year.

                No place to sit, but If it's nice, just place an order with them and take their terrific charcuterie and pastries and bread to a park.

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                  Do they have a local close to Mcgill?

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                    Its on Milton and Parc ... I feel sorry for Dave if those are the best lunches he has all year. Many places nearby make far better sandwiches but in any case doing that for 18 people sounds like a recipe for a bad time. Very average at best, and twice I bought pastries that were moldy on the bottom which I realized when I got home.

                2. I agree that the Concordia area is much better than the McGill area for good eating. How about Il Focolaio, the pizza place on Phillips Square? I've seen quite a few recs on this board for it and the one time I went it was good. And lots of veggie options.

                  1. Walk up to Chinatown... it's literally 5 mins on foot and you can have a feast upstairs at Keung Kee or somewhere similar for $20 a head. They have large round tables and everyone can share plates which makes it way more fun.

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                      Chinatown is a lot farther than 5 minutes by foot from McGill - it's closer to 20...

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                        McGill and where... depends.

                        I walked from Chinatown to the Old Port (McGill/de la Commune) last weekend and it wasn't more than 7 mins. It's only a few blocks southwest of St Laurent.

                        (edit: oops.. could be talking 'bout Uni and not street)