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Sep 6, 2011 08:49 AM

Mexican in Boulder?

Any great Mexican food to be had in Boulder? Sitdown, food truck or anything else would be much appreciated! We'll be there a week, so we can go more than one spot!

On a side note, we're staying at the Chautauqua - how's the restaurant there these days? thanks!

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  1. Chautauqua's restaurant is great for the view/location, but uneven on food. There are so many great restaurants in town, I'd skip it for dinner. Maybe breakfast (but not weekend brunch - it gets obscenely crowded for a so-so buffet). If you want that view, my personal preference is to pick up a picnic (try Cured, the new charcuterie shop on eastern Pearl Street, or maybe Alfalfa's downtown at Broadway and Arapahoe) and eat it in the park there instead.

    As far as Mexican, my favorite is Centro (Pearl and 10th). It's "high end" Mexican in the Rick Bayless mold, and incredibly tasty. Zolo Grill (same owners) at Folsom and Arapahoe is also good, though more Southwestern than Mexican. And Agave is also good for higher-end Mexican (out by 28th and Valmont) - the molcajetes are pretty outrageous. And we have a great taco truck, the Comida truck. Search them out on the web to see where they are on a given day.

    We don't seem to have a great mid-to-lower-end Mexican place here. Juanita's closed, Casa Alvarez is so-so, the Rio's focus is on super-strong margaritas and not the food, the place on the Hill (Maria's?) is OK but nothing to go out of the way for, and Efrain's is reputed to have good green chili but opinions on everything else are decidedly mixed.

    (EDIT: I just checked and apparently Tahona has different ownership now, a change since the Sheehan review and also since I last ate there, so I removed my less-than-flattering statement about it above. I didn't like it when I went a while ago, but they deserve another shot with a new team in the house. Anyone else been in the last year or so and willing to report back?)

    If anyone else disagrees and knows of a great straightforward Mexican place here, I'd love to know about it!

    Zolo Grill
    2525 Arapahoe Ave Unit H1, Boulder, CO 80302

    Casa Alvarez
    502 S Public Rd Ste 1, Lafayette, CO 80026

    950 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302

    1035 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

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      Straightforward Mexican (budget division) - 100% Mexican Restaurant in the (largely empty) Diagonal Plaza Shopping Center, directly across from the Dept of Motor Vehicles (but there's also an outside entrance on on south side of the bldg).

      1. re: monopod

        Excellent, I have to try 100% Mexican!

        (And in my post above, the Mexican place on the Hill that's just OK is Mamacita's. Don't know why I couldn't recall that. The place next door, though, is a new middle-eastern place called the Pickled Lemon, and it's really good, homemade fast-casual falafel, schawarma, etc. if you're looking for a quick bite on the Hill.)

        1149 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302

      2. Mexican in Boulder can be pretty hit or miss. I like Tortillaria del Rey on Valmont as a suburban taqueria. Lots of good reviews of Comida from coworkers, but no time to personally track down the truck on my lunch break.

        1. Does anyone in Boulder do Mexican breakfast? Huevos rancheros and the like...

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            Pupusas Sabor Hispano on N. Broadway has breakfast items. Or check out the Sunday Mexican brunch at the Comida Cantina in the southern part of Longmont off of 287 in the Prospect area (no need to track down the big pink truck if you don't want to--it's in Aspen right now for the Food & Wine Classic anyway). Mexican chocolate pancakes are fantastic. Definitely rec the Sirloin Situation taco at lunch or dinner (or any of the tacos).

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              I think Centro does it for brunch on the weekend. And the Walnut Cafe (not Mexican but good breakfasts) has huevos (never ordered them).

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                Casa Alvarez has huevos rancheros, huevos con chorizo, breakfast burritos, mex. omelets. I love their huevos, sometimes I get them for dinner with their spicy Inferno sauce and a side of guac and a beer to cool it down. Maybe skip the beer if you're having breakfast. They open at 11 am.

              2. Allow me to cover the bottom end of the Mexican food in Boulder as I can see that the more up
                scale aspect has been well covered by others with whom I am in complete agreement.
                La chosa
                It is a little ramshackle trailer behind a gas station on the fringes of Boulder across the street
                from the rail road track. There is no shelter. Seating consists of about 8 feet of curb which you
                share with the Mexican laborers who are the habitues of the joint. It is my personal opinion that
                the carnie adobado tacos are the best in Boulder. I have sampled the tacos of the town of
                Cuatemoc Ch., where Ricardo hails from, and I feel that what he is serving is the real thing.
                Pablito el gordito