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ISO Taro Chips - GTA

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hi hounds,

just got back from hawaii where i had local taro chips. they were DELISH! crunchy, salty, and TASTY! totally not like potato chips. anyway, i went to my local loblaws over the weekend and didn't find any taro chips.

has anyone spotted taro chips in the GTA??


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  1. The only thing I've seen around town are the Terra Chips, which contain Taro chips, amongst other root vegetables. Loblaws and Whole Foods sells them last time I checked.

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    1. re: BequiaT

      yes, i've seen terra chips ... and some of the blends do have some taro chips in them. but i was looking for 100% taro chips.

      1. re: lilaki

        They sell them at the Bulk Barn, in bulk. There are plain salted and spicy salted taro chips. I found them very salty, pretty greasy and wished they were sliced a bit more thinly before frying. The thickness, combined with the starchiness of taro made for a chip with a lot more crunch than my jaws wanted. The fact that they're available in bulk is good, though, because you can try a small bag of each and determine if they're for you, without a major investment.

        1. re: 1sweetpea

          wow, i never thought of trying the bulk barn! thanks.

          i wonder if any of the asian grocery stores would have them. T&T perhaps?

          1. re: lilaki

            definitely t&t should, i have purchased them there before though i have not been in over a year, i imagine they'd still have them.

            1. re: TeRReT

              I've bought taro chips from T&T in the past, though the brand they carry does have MSG (if that type of thing bothers you, which it doesn't for me).

    2. I bought a bag at one of the candy shops at Market Village. They were good except that they add msg to it and I find it makes it taste too sweet. I have always wondered why Terra doesn`t make bags of taro only. They`re my favourite!

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      1. re: Chocolatemama

        They do:


        Whether or not they're distributed in Canada...I don't know.

        1. re: Wahooty

          Too bad I haven`t seen them anywhere. Please advise if anyone spots them!