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Sep 6, 2011 08:02 AM

Boulder CO - Breakfast Sandwiches?

I love a good breakfast sandwich, and think it's the bacon that makes the difference. Anywhere you can recommend in Boulder? Local meat would make it all the better. Thanks!

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  1. My personal favorite is at the Walnut Southside (the regular Walnut Cafe doesn't have it, for some reason). Sunrise Sandwich - eggs with runny yolks and your choice of cheese (I do swiss) and meat (I like bacon) on Rudy's rosemary-olive oil bread. I don't know why it's so good, but it is; I think the bread is the key, grilled in butter to bring out the rosemary flavor.

    There's also something to be said for Deli Zone's breakfast subs. Not as fancy, but they're very much like what you'll find in NYC at a deli and I like the crispy outside and light crumb of their bread.

    1. I second the DeliZone post, I love their breakfast sandwiches. I usually get a Two Egg Time Square...

      But I really recommend the breakfast burritos from Big City Burrito. I think their lunch burritos suck, but for breakfast, get a the bacon/chorizo combo, standard with their crispy fried potatoes and cheese. I strongly recommend the red hot salsa AND their Ranch Sauce. It's the runny kind of ranch that you make at home with the powder packet and milk. Might sound weird, but it seriously makes the burrito what it is, and thats GOOD.

      1. I haven't had their breakfast sandwiches, but dish seems like they may have what you're looking for:

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          I've never had their breakfast sandwiches, but Dish's regular sandwiches are pretty outstanding so I bet they're good. Definitely worth a try.

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            Hi - i'll be travelling to Boulder for a few days - what should i eat off the menu while i'm there? If you had a best friend coming in from out of town for 3 days, what would the food itinerary be (breakfast, lunch, dinner)? I'm more interested in experiencing great tasting dishes in Boulder - doesn't matter so much about the establishment (just nothing fancy please). Thanks very much! Cheers. I love beer too :)

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              My breakfast picks would be Chautauaqua Dining Hall & Dushanbe Teahouse which are both an experience and have pretty good food as well. Other choices would be Walnut Cafe, Lucille's, and I've head good things about Snooze although I haven't been there. More casual places for lunch or dinner would be the Kitchen Next Door, Salt (not fancy but if you're watching cost maybe a bit too expensive), Pizzeria Basta (east side of town) & Locale (downtown), You and Mee is supposed to be a good casual noodle place too. I would consider Mountain Sun, Sherpa's, and the Med as well. They're all kind of Boulder institutions which are fun and have decent (although not spectacular in most cases) food. Have fun!

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                If you search a bit, there are a lot of threads with restaurant recommendations for Boulder. In a nutshell, though, here's what I'd probably recommend for fun/good places that aren't too expensive (in rough order of preference):

                Breakfast: Snooze, Lucille's, Walnut Southside

                Lunch: Pizzeria Locale, Kitchen Next Door, Centro, Dish Gourmet (for sandwich takeout)

                Dinner: Pizzeria Basta, Sherpas, Zolo Grill, Radda

                (That's a quick list and I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but if I ate just at those places I'd personally be very happy.)

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                  Monopod, now that Oak is back up and running you might want to add them to your dinner places.

                  1. re: bldr78

                    I'll have to check them out again - I'd only been in once, for lunch, before the fire. I think of OAK as a "fancy" place, which would take it out of the running for this particular list, but I guess if you skip the entrees then it's probably not much more expensive than Radda or Zolo.

          2. Go for a breakfast burrito. Santiago's on the hill has the best, and only $2. Mild, spicy or half-and-half, hand made on the spot.

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              Thanks - ok, breakfast burrito will get added to my list. Any other specific dishes? I'm not so much concerned with where i eat, it's more what dishes have people in town hankering to get more of..kind of like a Best Thing I Ever Ate episode about Boulder, ha.....thanks, if you have any other recommendations, please keep them coming, cheers

              1. re: jdross19

                The biscuits at Lucile's are the best biscuits I have ever had, so there's that. Their breakfasts (and lunches) overall are great, but the biscuits are a must. If you make the drive to Nederland (25 minutes or so, pretty drive into the mountains), Wild Mountain Smokehouse has amazing wings, the best I have ever had (smoked and grilled, not fried) and they are a brewery as well. Try the Hop Diggety IPA, yum.

                Southern Sun (and Mountain Sun, but I prefer the Southern one) have great beers, and ok to good food.

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                  Now we're talking! Awesome. Breakfast Burrito at Santiago's.....Biscuits at Lucile's....Wings (i love wings) at Wild Mountain Smokehouse paired with a nice cold Hop Diggety....great, let's keep it going....anything else i should eat while in the Boulder area anyone?

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                    can a $2 breakfast burrito be that good? I will say again, you MUST get one from Big City Burrito! Crispy fried,seasoned potatoes, monterey jack, scrambled eggs, chorizo and/or bacon, red hot salsa and special ranch sauce. All on a extra large tortilla of your choice. They have all diff. flavor tortillas!

                    1. re: scbysnx

                      Where is this place. We went to Folsom and Arapahoe and couldn't find. If you're going to rec, maybe include some info. Their website is quite vague. Hard to deal with in traffic. Bad experience, your fault.

                      1. re: billp

                        It's in the shopping center on the southeast corner of Folsom and Arapahoe. Pull into the parking lot and BCB will be all the way on the west side of the shopping center.

                        (And I hope everyone doesn't start including directions to every place they recommend... these threads will be about 50 pages long!)

                        1. re: monopod

                          Now you've done it, billp is going to blame you when his burrito isn't very good.

                      2. re: scbysnx

                        I read the above comment, "can a $2 breakfast burrito be that good?" recently, and first had to get past the sad fact that this attitude could come from a fellow hound. Yes, a $2 breakfast burrito can be that good. It even inspired Gustavo Arellano (of the "Ask a Mexican" column) to say this in his recent (April 3, 2012) Westword cover story, "Why Denver is Home to the Best Mexican Dish in the United States ": "It initially seemed like any other burrito: wrapped in foil, in a flour tortilla, and big. Big deal. But then I took a bite. The beans were wonderful, the rice fluffy, the chorizo magnificent, the eggs silken. Then the spice hit: not the salsas I've known for so long, but something better, something fragrant, fleshy and with a kick like Jason Elam. It was spectacular, and taught me more was out there." AND: "The breakfast burrito at Santiago's ... is everything I love about Denver — humble, not ostentatious, the perfect size, and resolutely Mexican at its heart, even as the whiteys that were the eggs and potato tried to supersede the green chile and chorizo for taste, with each bite provoking desires for more. In other words: muy bueno."

                        1. re: vanillagrrl

                          that's great, but this thread is about Boulder, not Denver

                          1. re: scbysnx

                            BUT- there's a Santiago's in Lafayette- that's Boulder county!

                            In your face, scbysnx! (that's sarcasm, by the way.... :) )

                      3. re: jdross19

                        Aha, I see how this works now.
                        - The Mais pizza and the arriancini at Pizzeria Locale.
                        - The wings at Southern Sun (different from Wild Mountain, but also very good)
                        - Cocktails at the Bitter Bar (put yourself at the bartender's mercy, you won't be disappointed)
                        - Burrata with pork belly at Pizzeria Basta
                        - Some kind of eggs benedict at Snooze (they have several, all creative and amazing)
                        - Garlic fries at Kitchen Upstairs (happy hour starts at 5:30 - get there at that moment and you'll get a seat)
                        - Paella for two at Cafe Aion

                        These are a few of my favorite things (sing it with me...).

                        1. re: monopod

                          Faaaantastic. Very helpful, cheers all around.

                          1. re: monopod

                            Those are all some great recommendations! Haven't been to cafe Aion though, will have to check it out. I've also never been to Basta, but I hear it's awesome.

                            Southern Sun wings are awesome. I had them last weekend! They only have BBQ or Buffalo, but you can ask them to mix the two into one sauce;)

                            The Bitter Bar is the best. I'm going there tonight for my BDay!

                          2. re: jdross19

                            Enchiladas at Zolo Grill have always been a favorite.

                            As noted, the Southern Sun has excellent beers, so do some sampling, but the best one they make IMO is not one they make, it's two of their beers mixed together (Kind and XXX). It's referred to as the Kind Crippler, order one and feel like a local. Not quite as hoppy as the previous beer mentioned, but still a hoppy fella! I'm not as big on the Sun's wings as monopod, they're primary calling card is their huge size, other than that I don't think they're all that special. But they are HUGE!

                            Coffee at OZO on Pearl St.

                            Any sammich at Dish Gourmet (classy sandwiches), I like the Chook and the Gobbler, a friend always gets the Mahalo.

                            Il Caffe also has good classy sandwiches.

                            The Gangster at Deli Zone (low class good deli sandwiches).

                            Steak Frites at Brasserie Ten-Ten.

                            Eggs Marcos at Southside Walnut Cafe.

                    2. I had a bagel sandwhich from Moe's Bagels while on a vacation in Bolder years back. I'm telling you, I have dreams of this breakfast still, there was something so good about it. Just something as simple as an Everything bagel with eggs and bacon and melted cheese. Also a tasty Denver one and spinich version as well.

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                        yeah, but they use the fake microwavable egg patties like mcdonalds, gross! However, Moe's has good bagels. I recommend an everything bagel with chive cream cheese, bacon, and tomato.

                        1. re: scbysnx

                          Well I guess that just proves you can cover anything in bacon and cheese and put it between a wonderfully stinky garlicy crunchy bagel and I will think it's good because I can't remember the egg!

                          1. re: scbysnx

                            For what it's worth, I don't think the egg patties at Moe's (or McDonalds) are "fake" - just premade and then microwaved to order. Not ideal, of course, but there are worse things.