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Sep 6, 2011 07:34 AM

Help me finish our meal List for Paris in October.

We have confirmed the following:


Le Clos de Gourmet


Violon d'Ingres

Guy Savoy-lunch

Le Comptoir


Please suggest a place for dinner the day we get to Paris and a place for lunch the day we leave

for Venice (where we will.probably not have time to eat--late arrival)

I am open to all suggestions. We are foodies from New York, have done many of the 'biggies' in Paris and have felt at home in every one of them. We speak virtually no French, yet have never been treated badly at anyplace we've been. It's what we are looking for this time too. We're staying in the 7th but will travel for something special.

Thanks so much.

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  1. Since you are staying in the 7th, why don't you try the new Basque restaurant Pottoka. on the Fontaine de Mars end of Rue de l'Exposition? We tried it for lunch today and were pleased. The service is friendly, the ingredients are of good quality, the cooking careful and the price gentle. Here is my serving of Axoa, chef Gravé encloses his version in a pastry crust.