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Sep 6, 2011 06:28 AM

best place for desserts in london

Looking for recommendations on the best places for desserts/ice cream/sweet treats in london pls!

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  1. Is there something specific you're looking for? The place that serves the best sticky toffee pudding will not be the place that serves the best gelato, and so on. Sweets is a broad category.

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      You will need to expand more, but my first thoughts were Pollen St Social - they have a dessert bar so you can just drop in and have dessert.

      1. re: pj26

        I'd echo PJ. I sat at the dessert bar the first time I ate there and had a flight of desserts and they were stunning.

    2. How about about unforgettable individual desserts? The molten chocolate over iced berries at J. Sheekey haunts my dreams, as does the white chocolate ganache with ginger ice cream at Cambio de Tercio.

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        One of my favourites was at the old Maze. Coconut panna cotta with black olive caramel and white chocolate granite.

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          Wow! I love the combination of olive with sweet. One of my favourite desserts of all time was at Beretta in San Francisco - just very simply vanilla gelato with a really flavourful olive oil and sea salt drizzled on top. Delicious!

      2. Souffles at Koffman's and The Ledbury.

        Nyona kueh at Sedap.

        Gelati at Scoop (for richness of texture and flavour) and Dri Dri (for flavour complexity)
        -- worth noting that the recent Dri Dri pop-up in Covent Garden (now closed I believe) was disappointing compared with the original in Notting Hill

        Chocolate at Rabot Estate - get their mousse, hot chocolate or chocolate tea and finish off with a bar of their Chuao.

        Remember enjoying the dessert tasting at William Curley back when they had a branch in Shepherds Market. Haven't had it at their new place near Sloane Square, but have had the pastries there and they were exceptional, very finessed and delicate, showing off excellent technique. Guessing that their dessert tasting would be good for that reason.

        Japanese desserts at Itadaki Zen were excellent (e.g. the elegantly chewy warabi mochi), but haven't been there in a while.

        102 Old St, Islington, Greater London EC1V 9, GB

        127 Ledbury Rd, Kensington, England W2 5, GB