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Apr 5, 2006 02:31 PM

kendall's braserie = blah

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my future mother-in-law took my fiance and i to see dame edna last night at the ahmanson but first treated us (by that i mean she paid, the food really wasn't much of a treat) to dinner at kendall's brasserie. the place was packed and bustling with obvious pre-show diners. we were seated right away although at a table smack in the middle of the action with waiters whizzing by holding hot plates of food virtually over my head. we didn't have time to wait for a better table.

we informed our witer we were going to show and he snidely retorted "i realize". even so, our entrees seem to take forever to make it to the table. when they did they were mediocre at best. i had a braised lamb shank that came atop an unattractive plate of mashed fava beans. meat was decent but what a disappointment. the food took so long that we didn't have time for coffee or dessert, which stinks when someone else is paying. my advice for pre-theater dining downtown is not to opt for kendall's brasserie.

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    angelino foodie

    kendall's is the worse. the only reason it is crowded is because it is so close to the music center. i ate there once and vowed to never go back.

    the hollywood bowl is all patina. there are no other optios to eat while you are there.

    patina is in the walt disney center.

    lacma's pentinette is the only option at lacma.

    joachim is a master of putting his restaurants into museums and locations where its is very convenient to eat overpriced awful food, awful service.

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      Silverlake Bodhisattva

      and they, like Otto Rothschild's before them, do a brisk lunch business on weekdays 'cause they're close to the civil courthouse and nicer looking than the cafeterias on top of the courthouse (which has some of the most truly AWFUL food in LA, like "bad-school -cafeteria" bad) and in the basement of the Hall of Admin.


      1. re: Silverlake Bodhisattva

        "Has some of the most truly AWFUL food in LA..."

        I think that the 9th Floor courthouse cafeteria has almost ALL of the most truly AWFUL food in LA. For cafeteria fare I take people to the DWP cafeteria, the best cafeteria within walking distance. I think that Otto's was miles above Kendall's in terms of food and ambiance. Better pictures on the walls, too.

        1. re: TomSwift
          Silverlake Bodhisattva

          "I think that the 9th Floor courthouse cafeteria has almost ALL of the most truly AWFUL food in LA."

          Before you jump there, if you're truly a masochist, take a "culunary" tour of other courthouses in LA: Van Nuys, San Fernando, and Criminal Courts (now "Foltz CJS") come to mind as being at least as grim as downtown.
          The new Lancaster courthouse (LA County, amazingly enough, though it SNOWED there the last time I was there) has a new cafeteria in it which isn't quite as awful, which is good because the building's in the middle of several square miles of desert, jackrabbits and Joshua trees.

          I'm thinking of writing a "new young lawyers' guide" to courthouses' vicinities and their food, since the junior guy or gal at a firm always gets sent to the really distant courthouses for short hearings, and can often find neither the courthouse, nor any decent place to eat when he's done.


          1. re: Silverlake Bodhisattva

            I've never eaten at the CCB but I've done most of the rest and I often consider it a blessing when the courthouse has no cafeteria at all...less chance for mischief.

            Someone beat you to it on that guide, the Women Lawyers of LA or some other bar outfit. It listed all the courts in LA, OC and Ventura counties and rated the cafeterias and snack bars at each. It also discussed nearby restaurants and hotels and motels. It gave driving directions to each court from LAX. It was supposed to help when you had clients or witnesses who had to visit the court. Although I wouldn't mind eating near the Compton court I'm not so sure that I'd want to spend the night nearby. It must be 10 years old by now so maybe a revised edition is in order?

            To keep this chowish, on the way to the Pomona court, on West Mission Blvd. right after you get off the 71, on the south side of the street, is a great little taco/burrito stand. Their pastor and carnitas are both delicious.

          2. re: TomSwift

            Ah, Otto's. I used to get a double cut pork chop there for lunch that was probably the best lunch in downtown at the time.

      2. I agree, Kendall's is awful. Even a simple item like their burger is mediocre and how they can't even make crisp French fries in a "French" place says a lot.

        1. Kendall's is dreadful. On my last visit, we had a bowl of fish soup that contained ground shells. It was truly nasty.

          1. Son and I saw Dame Edna Friday night, and had only a few minutes to eat. We grabbed a grilled portobello mushroom sandwich, chicken caesar salad, and a beer from the Patina take-away counter, and nabbed a table. Son said his sandwich was good (and he is a 'hound whose taste I respect), my salad was a good caesar, with a large grilled chicken breast - but was it exceptional? No. And especially not at $31 for what is essentially "gourmet fast food".

            1. I know it is an expensive, special occasion type of place, but Patina is the answer. We went to Patina before the LA Philharmonic, and the restaurant was packed with theater goers and they did a great job of pacing and making sure we had time for all courses.